September 12, 2007

The Essential Ingredient

I love cooking, but I rarely write about it. Cooking is my sacred corner, the way I use to teach myself how I can always make a difference. It is the safest way to get creative and the easiest way the fake queen earns praise.
While cooking there is always an essential ingredient in each recipe that without it the recipe will fail. And there is always a secret ingredient that will make all the difference.

I was cooking when the idea crossed my mind. Chopping, mixing, seasoning and stirring resemble life in a great way, fate being the cook and we being cooked. Fate chops us, fries us, boils us, and seasons us to somebody’s taste. Fate mixes us and separates us. Fate bakes us with experience, turning some of us to something sweet, and some of us to something sour. We are all nothing but ingredients in a mystery recipe, some of us are essential and others are the keys fate uses to make all the difference while the rest are just replaceable. But none of us know how and when the cook will decide to stir ‘em in.

The fate’s mystery recipe is the master recipe and as we play the role of ingredients we play the role of cooks in smaller recipes of our creations. We are cooking and being cooked all in a harmonious movement.
And as fate tosses us with others we start creating bonds that takes forms of relations.
Relations that come with different flavors, that ranges from the ice cold to the burning hot.
I was cooking and I wondered what is giving the flavor. What is the essential ingredient? What makes friendship, friendship? How come love is love? What draws boundaries? If tomato sauce is only tomato sauce because of tomato, can defining a human relation be as easy?
Let’s assume a man and a woman, a regular man and a regular woman, who happen to meet somewhere.
They get tossed together, cooked under different kinds of heat and the result is always different. What is causing that difference?
Why it is once lust, another love, sometimes friendship? What is the essential ingredient that turned a simple bond into a type of relation?
We are basically friends with our friends due to the physical antipathy; lust on the other hand is unreasonable physical attraction. Love is a friendship with lust.
So, though physical attraction might seem to be a superficial way to define a relationship but it seems to play the key role in the recipe preparation. It is how we use it that creates the difference.
And unlike the other factors that build a relation, physical attraction is the only instant factor. It is either initially found or it will never be there. Then comes the reason, if there is reason so there might be love if not hence a one night stand.
It is like salt for a recipe, it turns tasteless components into a delicious combination. Ad just like salt it should always be consumed with moderation. The more of it is something that you can’t stand for long and you will keep craving more if you used less.

So, if lust is the essential ingredient that differentiates friendship from love, what will be the key ingredient that makes all the difference?
I always say, add a little nutmeg, and the nutmeg of relationships is honesty. so a little more pinch of honesty will always make a difference!!


Anonymous said...

Love the parallel in this post.


Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

how deep you are dear ...
you mapped your passion about cooking into a deep view of life and you even determined secret ingredients that flavor relationships

i love this post so so much ... may god send you a rare spice, for you deserve the best