September 21, 2007

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I had to start comment moderation after some anonymous showered me with some indecent comments. Today the same anonymous left me a comment that I didn’t publish with a link to a reply he left on a comment I posted on a post by Miss Egyptiana.

"he wrote

Don’t you ever give up?"

And his reply on Miss Egyptiana’s Blog was

Fine, Here I am triggered again. Well Miss Shaimaa, or Fantasia or the blogger, you all have the same criteria. Frustrated old maids who passed the desperation phase long ago, felt expiring and now looking for an adaptation to their new reality. The woman usually takes that attitude when she discovers that she is not desired by one single good man. Of course the reaction would be "let us hate men. Let's live independent". Do you think you have any other option? I understand your situation and give you excuse. However, good women in your ages are already mothers and good muslim wives who fear God and proud of their role in life. 3ala2

So, Mr. Alaa
The answer to your question is, no I don’t give up. I never gave up, I never give up and I will never give up. I am a person who stands for her opinion. And I was never ashamed of admitting my mistakes but I never regret them.
I am not a frustrated old maid and none of the decent young women you described are. We are not cans of food to expire and we are not looking for an adaptation to a new reality.
I am a typical Egyptian girl, who might be your sister, your wife, your colleague or the girl next door. I am not desperate by any mean. I have a wonderful life that I am enjoying. I am feeling loved by everyone around me and I am feeling desired by almost every man who comes around. I am desired by good men as well as bad men. And I am not the kind of person who changes her course of life depending on a man’s decision. I don’t hate men and I am not being independent because I can’t depend on a man. I am independent because God created me free. I am independent because I am not the one who follows while I can lead.
I am not a bad woman because I am not a wife. I am not a bad woman because I am not a mother. I am not a bad woman because I have a job. I am not a bad woman because I speak my mind up. I am not a bad woman because I think. I am not a bad woman because I am single. And if any of these make me a bad woman so I will wear the title with pride.
I am proud to be a woman, I am proud to be one of the new little women of Egypt. I am proud to be of the rare breed. I am proud of being confident, independent, thought-full in a hollow community. I am proud of being me.
I don’t think God has anything to do with your opinion. I don’t think God categorize me as a bad woman because I don’t have a husband. I don’t think God categorize me as a bad woman while I worship no one but Him. I don’t think God created women as inferior creatures. I don’t think God created women to serve men.
I believe that you are mixing your personal opinions and personal views with religion to gain the validation you know your logic lack.
As a Muslim I believe that God didn’t order you to go calling people names, or marking someone as bad or good. As a Muslim I know that God didn’t order you to categorize people by the looks, the age, the race or the gender.
So, a little piece of advice Mr. Alaa, You are giving a bad image of the Muslim man. The Muslim man isn’t a man who leaves a woman dirty comments. The Muslim man isn’t closed minded. The Muslim man isn’t the kind of person who attacks people who doesn’t know.

I am keeping the old comments. And I will never mind publishing them only to show everyone what did this man of God wrote. And how this man, who dared calling respectable women bad, thinks.


Anonymous said...

Dear Alaa....or whatever the Rot your tag is.

Being an avid fan of Miss Gamaal's blog I'm obliged to address you with the following:

You've uttered most stagnant hummings about Miss Gamaal, "accusing" her of not being a good muslim mother or wife. Don't you think that the stink the came out of your mouth and minds makes you but sick roach to be squashed to pieces? Who the bloody inferno of Hell are you to talk about good muslim people?

I suggest you go find your miserable self a life somewhere along garbage cats and sewer rats, live with them gratefully, and die pretty soon drowned in your filth.

Anonymous said...

Oh! Before I forget, I think your some ill mannered woman, to be honest.

No man who has pair testrone glands whould have the sick heart that you have...this foul spirit only but emerges from the jealousy or the hatred of a feeble hearted woman.

So woman, I hope you'd drag your sorry ass back to whatever filthy pit you've crawled out from, lay a concrete cover on yourself...and die uncared for....

Miss 3ala2.....or should I say: Miss 3el2a.