June 08, 2007

My Date with Brad

I have been thinking of a better day, a day that I mark as the best I have ever had in the life I lived. I found so many days, good days, better days but none can be compared to that very special day he gave me. As it was my first time to meet him, I can’t remember exactly how I felt seeing him across the street, but I definitely remember him standing right there with a shinning smile and wearing an expected shade of blue. I remember that I didn’t have the regular second thoughts of running away, I didn’t ask myself the regular question that I have asked myself hundred times in each and every date I ever had, “are you sure you want to do this?” , I was just willing to cross that street and finally meet “the man”.
When I actually met the man, i.e. with the handshake, the little silly girl showed up. I transferred from the sure state of mind to the shy state of behavior.He brought me flowers, a huge bunch of red roses. I fought the urge to thank him with a kiss. He is the very first man ever to bring me flowers. I can’t remember if I thanked him or I just kept thinking if it is proper to kiss him thank you or not. I think the big smile on my face and the gaze in my eyes spoke of my appreciation.
I have to confess that I judge men from their cars. How messy is the car, how he keeps communication with his car and the most important point is how good he drives. And a good driver for me is the one who won’t make me scream a lot. One of my phobias is driving, I don’t drive myself, and I have troubles trusting other drivers. So I appreciate a man who will try to make me feel safe while helplessly sitting in his vehicle, he passed that test. He was fine, though I screamed twice, but he passed the car test.I made him lead, he is a man of manners and it wasn’t easy to convince him of my idea of men first. But he accepted my wishes and he led.
The first thing I said on the lunch table was “women don’t eat on dates”, he replied “you should have told me to bring the cam as far as you are just here to watch”. He is delicately funny. He knows how and when to crack a joke, How and when to tease and How and when to swallow his laughter. I liked his taste of choosing what to eat, just kept telling myself “my kind of man”.
Then small talks began, chats about the day, the stalker and the ex’s. The only thing I hated was my sudden pauses, I tend to be talkative, but I was so comfortable at many times that I just enjoyed the company more than the talk. And though I hated my short pauses but I liked something about them, I liked that I was silent and I wasn’t scared that I am turning him off. Thanks to him, he made me feel comfortable enough to start loosen up and more of “me” started to show up. I start talking to the surroundings, the uncooperative carrot in my plate, the glass of orange juice …etc. The best thing was him, sitting right in front of me with that adorable magical smile he has, with his eyes looking right into mine and straight into my inner soul. I remember I said breaking one of the short pauses that I am thinking that I should be talking now, but I don’t want to talk I am really enjoying the silence, I am enjoying the company. And the thing I didn’t tell him that I was enjoying his presence.
Then came the part I liked the most, dessert. I didn’t really feel like having dessert but I suggested that we can share something and he was happy to do. He went for a cheese cake and proved again that he is my kind of man. He said I don’t think we need the second fork, one is enough for us.

I am keeping the roses, the feeling of his lips on my hands, the big smile on my face and sure the light he introduced into my life.
The best date and the best day I ever had in the life I lived and I guess for long time to come.

I really don’t know if he really enjoyed it, I don’t know if he is having the same feelings I have. I feel like meeting him again, I feel like spending some more time together, I feel like sharing a sunset, a walk, and a sincere talk. I feel like exploring but it is still too early to explore. I just can’t keep the smile off my face, the smile he perfectly drew.
I keep remembering, the cup of coffee that turned to be a date, the bunch of roses he promised and brought, the cross roads and the signs, the different destinations and the different worlds.


Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

ohhhhhhh dear ....

this is the most beautiful date description i ever read and heard in all my life... how soft and delicious that date was

i feel as if it is me sitting and had the kiss in my hand, and the roses, and shared the cheese cake

you drew me back to the first date with my ex, my immortal love!!! It was as smooth and shiny, and beautiful, and delicious, as this one

ohhh !!! I wish it is true.. I wish you enjoy the best of it.. yeh I wish .. I sincerely wish

Shimaa Gamal said...

Dear Miss Egyptiana

Thank you for your sincere wishes :)

I wish I can find a common road for us to take, we came from different worlds and we have different destinations, we are standing in the cross roads reading signs, wishing that a sign could lead to a common road ...
But I have to admit, regardless the road, I think I will enjoy the journey ...

Thank you again