June 24, 2007

The AhlyCorner Incident

So, I enjoyed my first forum experience though it came to a horrible end. I discovered that there are still people out there who read, people who have minds, and people who are civilized enough to enjoy a decent discussion without taking the ideological conflict to personal level. I also enjoyed putting my theories in practice, my theories about men and women and about life as a whole.
I was the shocking experience, a single female who is happy being single, who has an attitude towards men and who isn’t afraid to speak up her mind. I scared most of them as I always do with most of the males who get to know me and I got the attention of them all.
I started by posting my old writings, my surveillance of the men’s empire, my views about cheating and a lot more. I added a discussion about marriage that became the most popular non Ahly topic on the forum. I didn’t fear envy as it was an almost all male community and I always believed men doesn’t include envy in their dictionary.
It was all going fine, we even added a chat box to the forum and we held what we called a daily show, the show about nothing and we called it the “mozzaz show” i.e. the chicks show. As I discovered that the only thing these bunch of men talk about without fight is the chick talk. In this show we discussed many topics, friendship, online friendship, love, marriage, even politics and little religion. The show was a success till we got an intruder.
The intruder is a male, who happen to be a friend of one of my friends who happen to be one of the forum administrators, the male intruder made a pass at me and I bounced him back, he re-tried and I bounced, he started to get on my nerves and I literally ate him alive and when he felt helpless he called me B*.
So, as a typical reaction I called my friend, the site administrator, and told him about what happened and he started defending his friend and after long discussion one more time I proved to be a good negotiator and I didn’t only eat the man alive I also got he banned forever from the forum. While discussing the incident with my friend he showed signs that he wants to hold me responsible for his friend’s actions because of my writings and my opinions about marriage and relations in general.
I thought the incident was over till a new intruder came into the chat box, this time it was a female, who seemed so interested in me. The female started attacking my writings by saying it lakes “el 7aya2” and that she is shocked that such writings are coming from and Egyptian, Arabic and Muslim female. This very same female started questioning my sexuality because of the “happy single” status posing questions like if I am a lesbian or if I would like to date females. I did a quick check and I discovered that this mysterious female is the very same male who attacked me before. So I requested opinions from my fellow administrators and moderators in a decent way. I only asked for opinions.
And here came the administrator friend, instead of admitting the incident he started an attack based on his female pretending friend that I am writing sexual material and I am breaking forum rules. He started editing and deleting my old posts claiming that someone should stop me.
So, in a try to hide his friend’s crime he tried to hold me responsible for his friend’s actions as I am the one who stimulated the MAN to say what he say because I am a BAD GIRL WHO NEEDS TO BE BEHAVED.

Unfortunately this friend of mine simply proved all my theories true by his actions and reactions.

He proved that most of the Egyptian men are ignorant by nature, he couldn’t understand the rules of the forum, which he didn’t write someone else did, and thought when the rules stated no sex that meant no sex discussions while it meant no erotic content. And though he is an administrator in the forum he rarely read any of the discussions and rarely participated because if he did he was going to discover that we have had discussed the sexual impact on every thing as sex is one of the key factors in the relationship between men and women. And he couldn’t understand the meaning of the sentence that he said was dirty “men have two heads”. Apparently he took it literally and that was what made him furious.

He proved that most Egyptian men has control issues, by his actions and claiming law enforcement he was trying to control the girl who needs curing as he described, the uncontrollable creature that attacks men and no one can stop her. so he thought by trying to force me to play by his rules and write what he thinks right he will make the men’s empire a big favor, unfortunately he didn’t.

He proved that most of Egyptian men have double measures. He objected my writings because I am a girl and I should be ashamed because I am that open.

The result was me quitting the forum, I can’t claim that it is their loss but I am sure the loss isn’t mine. I write anyway and my aim of writing isn’t to be read. I write because I can’t keep it to myself. And thanks to my dear friend S who showed me the way to have a blog and now at least someone out there might hear my scream.

So, I know I have been promoting AhlyCorner I guess it is about time to un-promote it.

What he did reminded me with European dark ages when they burnt those who speak their minds up alive.

Oh God, thanks for proving I was right one more time.

Just for those who care to know, after eating the male as a male alive, I ate the male pretending to be a female alive, and I attacked that so called friend and I left him between life and death. I won, and again it isn’t my loss to quit them. And between you and me probably their loss.

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