June 12, 2007

Happy Thoughts for S

He made my days; he sent me happy thoughts to put me to sleep in my sleepless nights.
He appreciated me when no one else did. He listened when the world was a deaf ear. He was the proof that different men exists. He was the proof that “Men” exists, and the species isn’t only males. He is the friend, the elder brother, the sincere and wise voice that corrects my crazy actions.
I have recently been a horrible friend, and I don’t know how to make it up for him.
I will start by thinking of a list of happy thoughts and will try keeping it updated.

1- A cup of hot chocolate
2- A sunny day by the beach
3- A walk in the rain
4- Breakfast with me
5- Foot massage
6- Jacuzzi
7- A walk in the stars
8- A full board weekend in my Neverland
9- A full reset
10- Chocolate cake
11- Sahl 7asheesh
12- A full month paid vacation
13- Shahrazad in fur
14- Ice cream
15- A good sleep
16- Aquarium
17- To get out of the cave
18- Seafood soup
19- Warm winter morning
20- A three wish granting fairy.

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