April 25, 2007

Password Mania

He is the dominant ex. He is the famous “H”, my guide in the valley of shadows, and the shadow that darkened my life. He is the man who manipulated the soul and the mind. He is the creator of the new reflection in my mirror, he was the thief who stole the kind heart and replaced it with the pumping stone.
I thought I finally lost him, though it was hard but was relieving, till the infamous moment of “el menasa incident” that I might be writing about later. But at this very moment life seemed to be empty and I cried and prayed to God to have my “H” back. And my prayers were answered in only two days. He was back as fresh as new. He said he had enough talks about the past and it is time to start talking present.
From present talks to future talks, I have known him for five whole years, and for five whole years I have been dealing with his different masks, with the different names he called “us” and with the different scenarios to have his goal achieved.
We agreed on a “no relation” relation Where we in a “no commitment” commitment that’s A tricky balance to keep, but after all he is the famous “H” and it is me.
One day he asked for my mail password and in a moment of fog I gave it to him, he had the key to the well of dark secrets. He opened the window on the closed mind, and I stood completely naked in front of him. He enjoyed the idea of having my darkest secrets exposed; he started claiming rights of whom to know, or what to write.
Then he forgot the whole mail thing, after I proved loyalty by not questioning or minding him asking to have access to my mail. I thought I got to the safe shores till he asked for it once again.
I gave him the password that opens everything but my mail!!

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