April 23, 2007


I have been trying to write anything for days, I have thoughts roaming all over my head but I can't catch any to put down in a written format.
I have foggy idea about what I want to write about, I want to write about the new “him” in my life, I want to write about the ex’s syndrome, about the fairy tale, and I want to write about me.
Walking in the mist of thoughts but can’t write.

Now playing "adish kan fi nas" fayroozi have been listening for the very same song over and over for days now... I cried couple of days ago listening to it, i can't stop thinking that fayrooz is speaking of me... "elly zakar kol el el nas bel akhier zakarny", "ana be2yam el sa7w ma 7ada natarny"the thing is, do we really enjoy love, do we really get hurt losing love, or the whole pleasure is in the losing, struggling then finding a new ray of light, then we repeat .. The light turns fire, the fire burn us, and then fade away, leaving behind ashes, some hot, some cold... Some remain and some get blew by fresh breath... Just can't stop playing it over and over... love was never in the air... it lives inside...

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