April 24, 2007

The Change

I don’t know if it was a coincidence, or it is just a sign from God. The last couple of days all the talks were about me, and how much I have changed.
I have always said that I stopped recognizing the reflection on my mirror, I look and smile and always introduce myself to this woman I see. She smiles back and always imitate me. She seems nice, familiar but complete stranger. For my surprise I have been looking inside me recently and didn’t recognize the core either, I guess the lady in the mirror stole my soul. I am nothing like I used to be.
How was I and how I am now, I was arrogant and still I am, I was never pretty and neither she is, I was slimmer but she is fat, I had long hair but she is veiled, I used to blush but she is so bold, I used to be sane but craziness is her last name.
I used to be kind and soft hearted. I don’t know what she did with my heart. It was replaced with a shinning rock. I used to see the good in people but she’s put a glass to see the defects. I used to cry but she is seeking vengeance. And It was me on top of her list.
I admire the lady, after all she’s me. But who is me? The innocent girl, the vengeance woman or something in between?
Can anyone help me find ME? A young girl, wide brown eyes, dark hair, medium height, innocent, kind, with a nice smile and looking for future as the promised land

Still playing, fayrooz .. adish kan fi nas .. 3al mafra2 tentor nas we teshaty el dena, ya 7emlo shamsya wana be2yam el sa7w ma 7ada natarny ..

A special thanks to a real friend, who unconditionally supports me whenever I need him, no matter how far he is, but he is always there to assure me, that I haven’t been wasting time on friends who never listen. Thanks Essam for being there, I am lucky to have a friend like you.

He said I move in circles, and he moves in straight line, I smiled and said so you will cut me in two points, being the engineer he is he said, or may be I will be tangent to your circles, I frowned and said, still we will have a point of tangency, he said may be it is better to have only one point, because the two point will result in a zero sum. When I drew the broken heart he smiled and promised me something new, a new ray that starts with him and ends at infinity.
He came out of the blue, wasn’t expecting him. Not expecting anything of him, but as a believer in the reason, season or life time theory I asked him, why u came? He answered for a reason, I welcomed him in and said, regardless the reason you will always be welcomed for the life time on whatever basis you like.
May be he has the new painter who will repair the imperfections in the new picture of me. He isn’t a magician, but I know he can.

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