April 27, 2007

Honey Bee

The picture of a honey bee jumping from one flower to the other persists in my mind these days more than anything else. I envy the little bee as it flies to enjoy the taste of each single flower in the garden. I envy the diversity she enjoys, her freedom of choice, her right to select.
I wish I was the little honey bee, I wish I can enjoy the right to diversify, to taste each and every flower I come across in my garden.

We are all honey bees in a way but we don’t secrete honey, we gain experiences instead. Unlike honey some experiences are bitter because contrasting honey bees we might feed on some poisonous flowers.

Special thanks to him, he who insisted to take me out. Special thanks to him, he who patiently built the bridge for me to cross the distrust river. Special thanks to the friend, the other side on the taple of the best breakfast I ever had. Special thanks to him, he who unknowingly and sincerely helped picking up the scattered pieces of me.
Special thanks to “S”, in case tomorrow never come thanks for being my friend.

Truly yours,

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