November 30, 2008

The Bucket List

Inso was right; I am too busy these days to log on. My sister is visiting after a whole year in Dubai. You can never imagine how long a year can be and how short a day is. But because I am addicted to the internet and consequently blogging and I really liked this tag here I am doing it.
This list is composed of things that I think I can never do, and things that I know I can. The list will start from number two because number one is something that I am going to tell Inso in private ;)

2- Breakfast in front of the Eiffel Tower

3- Meeting the city of Fog, walking in London’s rain and trying the unhealthy fish & chips.

4- Touring Italy and dating an Italian guy. Luca Toni is what I have in mind ;)

5- Exploring Africa. One thing I really envied Brad for was visiting Zambia. The stories he told me about the cruise he had or the safari were more than terrific. I really wished I was there (for the fun not the work) and I really hope I can explore the black continent. I want to see the rivers, the falls, the wild life and the people.

6- Eating some original cuscus and tajine :) yes, Morocco is on the list too and not only for the food. I have always found Morocco a charming place.

7- Discovering India. Not necessarily the food because there are rumors that real Indian food isn’t as good the Indian food we know but yet, India is a treasure and it seems that I am a treasure hunter. I want to buy a sari too ;)

8- Checking China out. I don’t think I can eat real Chinese food, but I really have to check on the people who were there when my ancestors, the ancient Egyptians, were there too.

9- Visiting Brazil to see why my aunt says that Brazilians believe God must have been Brazilian else why he created Brazil to be that pretty.

10- Diving in the great coral reef.

11- Touring the rest of the world as far as I have gone that far ;)

12 – Driving

13- Having my own place, something with a big kitchen and a little garden.

14- To find my destined path in life. Be it starting my own business, finishing my masters degree, or even finding a new passion. I would really like to just find that destined path.

15 – To leave a legacy, something good to be remembered for.

Actually this list could go forever, I never though that I would like to do all that traveling I have always thought I am not that much outgoing and traveling is an outgoing activity. I am also a believer that we only die when we are done doing things we really want to do that’s why I keep adding to the little things I look forward to. Dying young was never of my hopes.

I tag Haz and Noly as it seems that everyone has done that tag already but if you still didn’t consider yourself tagged.


insomniac said...

i like feeling special ;)))

mmmm, i wanna go on a eurotrip... with different kinds of transportation too :) i am so acquiring my international driving license for that!!!

damn, i so wanna travel, i miss it!!! my kids better grow up and be all independent in a couple of years....

Shimaa Gamal said...

I guess you should take me and the kids along :) I guess that trip might be a good way to teach them how to be independent *evil laugh*

You are special my dear ;) I bet you could have guessed the list including the secret wish :)

Only Love said...

Hi Shi sadekty :)

wooowww really a very impressive list,ISA you will achieve it all wy rbna yekteb leky tolt el 3omr wy te3mly ely enty 3yzah kolo including tab3an your secret wish ;) a2la hya eh ya shi ha ha ;) :)

concering the Italian guy I really recommend it for you, they are sooooooooooooo nice and handsome.
ektebhalna ya rab :D

Shimaa Gamal said...

Noly ya Noly :) The secret wish is kind of a public secret wish ;) Trust me everyone wants it too ;)
I am waiting for your list ba2a. You have no idea how much I pray ya rab edeeny every time I see luca toni :) Handsome, Tall, Fit ya rab yedeena kolena. Just yesterday I was telling my sister heya fien el regala di :) why el sanf el mawgood is only the kersh enabled with a nice sal3a to complete the look :)

Don't keep me waiting for your list
Kol sana wenty tayeba *kisses*

Only Love said...

shi ya shi :) wenty tayba ya a2mar, wy Isa el 3ed el gay teb2y in your villa with the big kitchen and small garden wy m3aky Noha el soghayra :D ;)
concering my list, I already wrote it go ba2a check it out.
3rfa ya shi before travelling to Spain, I thought en ehna ba2a el regala ely 3ndena dy eh gamda gedan, and I said msh mohm shaklo as long as he is a real man wiz me.
but after going to Spain and seeing how men there respecting their women and loving them this much. mn el akhr ya Shi walahy el 3azem he will make you feel that u r his queen bgd dah ghar ba2a enhom as u said a2amarrrrrrrrr wy gentleee fe3lan mafesh fehom ghalta. plus ba2a en their women asln msh by3mlo m3ahom zay ya 3eny ma tale3 3an el banat hena m3a welad mal7ash lazma.

reg3t o2lt ehna hena a3den m3a bawaben la shaklohom 3edl wla hta shakhseya 3edla. tab3an with my respect to the men here or I mean el 3edlen ,bas they are so rare now.I really wished to marry one like them. rbna yedena ya sadekty ya rab :D :)

P.S: kol sana wenty wy okhtk tayben ya gamel and all your family :)

LiL^OrioN said...

i'm a lil bit.. "fon-cused" =P

it says.. "This list is composed of things that I think I can never do, and things that I know I can."

so, it's all compiled together? which no to which no are the things that you cannot do, and from which no to which no are the things that you know you can do?

Shimaa Gamal said...

Hello Haz
Happy Feast, I hope you enjoyed it.

Actually I don't think I can do all that travel :)
I don't think I will ever date Luca Toni. He is a famous Italian soccer player :)) I don't think I could ever date him. I don't think I will ever date an Italian guy :))
I don't think I will ever dive in the great coral reef, I am a coward. I don't swim, that's why I believe diving might not be an option.

Yet, I believe I can find my destined path in life. (so it seems that it might take me forever to do) I believe some how I will find a way to leave a legacy(though there are no clear signs I will ever do) And I really hope to cross my fears and drive.

So, what's your list??