November 02, 2008

A Commercial Break ;)

Today my favorite team Al Ahly will be playing the 1st of two matches to win the African title, it is not the first final and hopefully it won't be the last cup to win.
So, if you live abroad (outside Egypt)and you are searching for a way to watch this match you can always check egytube actually if you are into sports generally they offer coverage for most of the important events.
If you want to mingle with some fellow Ahly fans, you can always check AhlyCorner, even active members are offered links to view matches.

So, good luck to my most favored Egyptian team in defending his lost title.


If you are a girl, go enlist your blog at girlygator, an all girls aggregator :) really cool - Thanks Lost Within for the reference :)
If you are a man, still you can go check what those girls had to say ;)


This will be the end of our commercial break, thanks for following :))))


Only Love said...

shimaa ya shimaa shofty el match embar7, el ahly keseb :D kan gamed gamed kan nefsy aro7 ashofo a2wy fel stade.

p.s: shimaa sorry walahy ana msh 3rfa ab2a online el yomen dol 3shan el p.c bta3y bayez , ya3ny isa akhdo bokra aw enhrda wy ashofek isa :)

Shimaa Gamal said...

Noona 7abeeby :)
The match was fine, actually ana met3'aza enena didn't win with a score. match zay dah kan lazem yekhlas minimum 4 :) ana ba3d the 2nd goal started cheering en el cotton sport haydkhol nady el 6 bas ne3mel eh ba2a ... falafilo rabena yekremoh we captain ahmed hassan rabena ye7meeh we trieka 3abkary zamanoh reglih kanet me7taga tazyeet.
Rabena yestor ba2a fi el match el tany, henak hanshoof ba2a el ta7keem wel le3b el african 3ala osoloh :)

ana mestanyaky, alf salama 3ala el pc beta3ek :) hateeh ba2a 3ashan ana kont 2arbt afked el amal eny ashofek tany :)

Gypo said...

Thanks for the link, as if I'm back to Egypt. Got really bored with football (rugby), cricket and golf, and just wanted to watch our bad soccer players once more.
thanks again

Shimaa Gamal said...

You are most welcomed Gypo
Don't forget to watch the match on Sunday isa

sa7ee7, enta ahlawy wala zamalkawy? :)

Gypo said...

wallahy ana kont ahlawy, but lost connection with everything three years ago.

Gypo said...

ahlawy adeem, bass ba2aly 7 years away from Egypt, three of them in Australia.

Gypo said...

mesh 3aref, I replied but it doesn't show

Shimaa Gamal said...

It is great that you are ahlawy :)) so, don't forget to watcg the match on sunday, dah lw el sa3a 4 pm CLT is a proper time belnsbalak :) I don't know fi far2 kam yoom bena bienak :)))

As for the comment not showing promptly, it is because of the comment moderation, I am enabling it to shut off el nas el rewsha elly bet7eb teshtem el setat

Thanks for visiting Gypo

Gypo said...

4pm dah yeb2a 12am 3andy and monday I work, ya3ny too late. but in summer el wa7ed mesh beynam keteer anyway (aywa it's summer here).

Shimaa Gamal said...

mesh 2oltelak mesh 3arfa fi far2 kam yoom :)))
It is summer 3andak and it still summer 3andena :p
Our winter lessa badry 3alih :p