November 07, 2008

Bastards Live

Ever thought of counting your blessings? What are the things you are thankful for, Health, Mind, Family or is it Wealth?
Will you ever sacrifice your life for any of these? Would you really take a bullet for your brother? Could really die defending your family? Would you really put your life on stake for anyone else?

He just did.

He was only 24 yrs with future supposed to be ahead of him. He took a bullet for me, you and everyone else.

He died so that we can sleep tight at night, so we can fall in love, make babies, and enjoy health, wealth and long age.

He died to give us a safer place to live. And you know what. He died and I don’t feel safe anymore.

Today is just another day, a good man died and a bastard lived

بابا قال إن أهل الجنة مكتوبلهم يموتوا على إيد أهل النار و لو كان فى عزاء فى موته فهو إنه شهيد ، و إنه طلبها و نالها و لكن بالله عليكم اللى يقرأ خبر إستشهاد ضابط شرطة فى حملة على تجار المخدرات يدعيله .لإنه يستحق كل الدعوات الطيبة و كل الخير و يدعى لأهله بالصبر على القضاء
إنا لله و إنا إليه راجعون


Sherif said...

This is, regretabley, true ..

And those are first forgot .. while as you said .. bastards live

Is there any hope to see a new world where correct things are in place

Is there any hope to shorten 2 hundred years of civilisation from AMERICA .. to just 150 years instead?

Is what I say relevant?

Shimaa Gamal said...

You know, making the world a better place will never bring him back, and will never save other kids from being killed in the line of duty.

He was just a kid, with a cute smile, hopes and a will to serve.

He used to call me every friday moring, and I used to tease him that he seemed to be vanished, now he is really gone.

The world will never be a better place, because it will always be missing a really great kid.

bas ne2ool eh, qada2 Allah, wa la rad le qada2oh ... en lelah wenna ilih rag3oon ... fi sabeel ellah kharag we fi sabeel ellah mat.

و لا تحسبن الذين قتلوا فى سبيل الله أمواتًا بل أحياء عند ربهم يرزقون

لله ما أعطى و لله ما أخذ ، إنا لله و إنا إليه راجعون

An Egyptian said...

ازاى اهل الجنة موتهوم مكتوب على ايد اهل النار؟
طيب و الاقباط اللى اتقتلوا بالمسلمين؟
و اليهود اللى اتقتلوا بايد حماس؟

karim said...

عندك كل الحق هذا الملازم اول هو ابن شقيقة صديقى و كنا بالصلاة عليية و كانت حالة الحزن مخيفة جدا و هناك حالة من الاطمئنان على مصيرة الاخير وهى الجنة ان شاء اللة. اللة يرحمة العزاء بالغد ودعواتكم بالرحة

Shimaa Gamal said...

مع إنه واضح إن البوست كان فى رثاء شخص عزيز عليا ، قتلته إيد تاجر مخدرات فى حملة علشان يقضوا على البلاوى دى . و من الواضح إنه مات زى ناس كثير بتموت علشانى و علشانك و علشان فاكرين إن البلد دى تستاهل .

و على الرغم من إن السؤال سفسطائى جدًا ، لإنه بيقارن التفاح و البرتقال و يقول أصل الكل فواكه .

أهل الجنة موتهم على إيد أهل النار ، قاتلنا فى الجنة ، اللى هم بيموتوا فى سبيل الله و قتلاهم فى النار اللى هم بيموتوا فى سبيل الشر .
بغض النظر عن دين الشخص . يعنى المسيحيين اللى ماتوا على مر العصور فى سبيل قضايا نبيلة مش شهداء برضوا .
لمن تقولى مسلم قتل مسيحى موقف المسيحى إيه أو اليهودى اللى مات على إيد مسلم موقفه إيه . أقولك يعتمد على القضية اللى مات كل واحد فيهم لييها .
لو المسلم و المسيحى إثنين حرامية بيقتولوا بعض الإثنين فى النار .

يعنى السؤال مش فى مكانه و لا وقته و موضوع يفتح باب نقاش مالوش أى لزمة

شكر الله سعيك و مانجيلكش فى حاجة وحشة

Shimaa Gamal said...

أمين يا كريم
الحزن مش على الموت قد ما الحزن على الفرقة و الفجأة

ربنا يرزقه الفردوس الأعلى و يصبرنا و يصبر كل اللى يعرفوه . الإمتحان الحقيقى هو الصبر على القضاء

insomniac said...

el baqa2 l'Ellah ya shimaa, rabena yesabar ahlo we yeg3al el ganna men naseebo

Shimaa Gamal said...

Amen ya Inso, Amen
Thanks dear

LiL^OrioN said...


i don't really know what exactly is going on cos i can't understand arabic.

did someone close to you died because of the wars??.. somewhere in you-know-P-country vs you-know-Z-country??

i guess Allah swt loves him more. Doomsday is near, and i feel like He's been taking away more and more good people in our lives... *though i don't think it's appropriate to think this way*

i just pray none of us live to see Doomsday, where no one will ever mention Allah's name.

"Verily to Allah we belong & to him we shall return"

Shimaa Gamal said...

Hello Haz
I am sorry that most of the comments are in Arabic. But yes you are right, someone close to me died, not in a war between to countries but in the war between the country and drug dealers.
He was an officer, and a drug dealer shot him.

I guess Allah loves him too. You know he used to pray to die this way. He had always wanted to die for Allah and his prayers were answered.

I pray that all of us meet in heaven.

Thank you so much my dear