December 27, 2007

Dark Secrets - 3

I discovered that my problem is that I have always buried the woman in the time I should have buried the little girl. My problem is that I am still keeping the box labeled fairies, and I still wish upon the stars. The problem is that I still believe that the wolf is my kind old grandma. I discovered that the real problem is that I am still the little girl regardless how hard I try.

I once asked a friend of mine if he thinks I was naïve. He replied in astonishment, no way. You are not naïve by any means. He then asked me to define naïve. I replied naïve is being stupid. He corrected me saying that the proper definition for naïve is being stupid in an innocent way. He then elaborated saying that I was never stupid, you are just innocent.
As the time passed, and after 9 years of asking that question. It pops up one more time into my mind. Am I naïve? Am I stupid in an innocent way? 9 years ago I wasn’t stupid but I was innocent and as I grew up innocence faded but seems as it faded stupidity bolded.
After nine years here I am finding the right answer for the question. I am not naïve. I am just stupid.

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