December 27, 2007

Confessions - 1

I discovered that sometimes my feelings get lost in the figures of speech. When Brad asked me how I see him in my life. I kept trying to put it into a philosophical way. I wanted to impress the poet, I don’t really know if I have done that consciously, but I discovered that while trying to impress the poet I have failed to communicate my thoughts.
I failed to say you are my rope of hope.


Arabic ID said...

what an inspiration ? what a confession..

I think you felt too small to make him notice, you thought that you need him more than he needs you, you was afraid to fail his estimates..

you feared were fear is the last thing to think of.

please accept my regards, I don't know how did I missed this blog before , your senstivety is clear and the way you are writing is too lovely.

Shimaa Gamal said...

Hello Arabic Id

Thanks for passing by :) and thank you very much for your sweet words.

As for the confession, May be you are right :) I needed him too much. And seems that I was afraid to lose him. I guess I was blinded by his shinness :)
Anyway :) It is all history. I lost the man, but I am lucky I kept the friend.

Anonymous said...

You are the one whom has earned all the admiration, Shimaa. Not only have you impressed the poet, but also trapped him into a turmoil of amazement crushed down with a stagering personality, transparent and so bright it dazzled the eye of any beholder. And I behold you a bright sight for sore eyes, like God's masterpiece embodied in a figurisque woman. Woven along with excellent parts.

God bless your good heart, Shimaa.


Shimaa Gamal said...

My Dearest Brad

One more time you made me speechless ...
All what I have is to say thank you ... I am so lucky to have you beside me.

Love Always