December 25, 2007

Current Thought – Anna Nichole Smith

She was a sex icon; she was the fuel feeding the fire of the sex industry. She was the model many women opted to be and she was the woman every man dreamed to have.
It was a surprise reading the blonde’s diary. She confessed that she hated sex. She hated how her men cared about nothing but sex, in the time she wanted the little things.
That blonde had hit the jackpot of philosophy. She hated sex and made a whole industry use her as a sex icon.
She was just a girl who needed love in the time the whole world was too horny to acknowledge her feelings.
She wrote “I hate sex.”


Tamer Mokhtar said...

mmm wondering if she said that about the sex in general or something specific, i don't thing that she tried everything to judge, still abo galabya mawdoo3 tany :)

will be checking ur blog regularly,

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

too much of a thing will kill you...

it is annoying when men look at only your body and face, and appraise the way you look without exerting any effort to look deep inside... to communicate with that little soul, who is curled on her self and want just a tap on her shoulder and a word of encouragement...

do men see beyound their HEADS?
we ely ye2oul 3'er keda KADAB

miss ur posts ...

Tamer Mokhtar said...

:) will not defend, but i believe with too many between the black & white.

applies on everything even gays :)