December 01, 2007

Dark Secrets – 2

I am someone who got bound to a rock and thrown in a wild river. I am drowning with no hope of survival. I am fighting but I go no where but the bottom of that river. It is the current that decides where I go. It is the rock that decides how deep I dive. The only thing I can do is to save my breath on the hope that a trespasser will come and lend me a hand.
He is the rock, the river, the stream & the trespasser. I am trapped for what seems like eternity. I fight, I float but I can't lose the rock. I am drowning and he is the rock, the river, the stream and the help.


Someone cut the chain please!

Picture: Andromeda exposed to the sea-monster (1869) Paul Gustave Doré

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Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

i was so touched by this post... maybe cause at a certain point of time i felt the same... your words truly expressed what i felt back then.

but let me tell you dear, no one will ever break the chain but YOU!!! deep in your heart you have to realize that this is death coated with false glimpse of life... and if you want real life... you have to take those chains off, threw them in the river and walk away

you think the chains are tight over your hands, but they are not... it is an illusion dear... a false feeling of security in the arms pain, cause you know it, and got used of it... the fear of change is what you suffer...

dont wait for help, cause it will not come... take off those chain and set your soul free

my warmest regards in those cold days