June 15, 2016

Random Messages - 42

I am angry. I am sad. I am confused.
I am not ok. And the worst part is I am not ok for the same reasons I haven't been ok for the last 10 years. The only differnce it just gets heavier.

I feel old and incapable.

I am not ok.

I am angry and more importantly I am sad.

A broken thing just got more broken. Which is sad. And the saddest part of being sad is being unable to say why I am sad.
The saddest part is that no one would have anything better than "you deserve it" to comfort me.

I am angry and sad. I feel old. I feel too old. And life is definetly futile right now.

Life is unbearably absurd.


Anonymous said...

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Shimaa Gamal said...

Don't worry. I have been على المحك since forever :)

Yet I am planning to change the status quo. I am just slow. Too slow.

Thanks for the advice :)