September 15, 2013

Note to Self

Things that I learned in 34 years. I seem to keep forgetting my lessons, so here are my notes to self.

Feel free to share your rules :)

This will be updated frequently!

Rule No.1 .. if you are in a relationship, or you think you r in one, and you are constantly looking for "emotional recharging" then .. you are doing it wrong!

Rule No.2 .. No one wants to know how you feel. Keep it to yourself!

Rule No.3 .. You can't escape your destiny even if you don't believe in destiny!

Rule No. 4 .. suicide is tempting but it is always a BAD idea!

Rule No. 5 .. There is no shame in crying, just don't let anyone, ANYONE, watch.

Rule No. 6 .. Don't ask for help, unless it is hired!

Rule No. 7 .. You can delay doing the things you hate, but the will hunt you and bite you in the ASS!

Rule No. 8 .. You will always love the wrong person!

Rule No. 9 .. You are as average as the person next to you!

Rule No. 10 .. It is ok to feel down, don't let anyone trick you into feeling guilty for feeling down.

Rule No. 11 .. Sometimes you are not going to be ok. Live with it.

Rule No. 12 .. You will have to dump the things you love to do the things you hate. It is called duty .. Live with it!

Rule No. 13 .. All the good things in life are temporary.

Rule No. 14 .. You mere existence pisses someone off, be kind!

Rule No. 15 .. Food won't fix your broken heart.

Rule No. 16 .. You are a Muslim (a believer), you live in the middle east, sexual deprivation is part of the package.

Rule No. 17 .. God is good, if you can't see it, your mistake not HIS!

Rule No. 18 .. Confrontation is better than delayed rage. Grow a pair!

Rule No. 19 .. Sex doesn't complicate relationships, not knowing what you want does!

Rule No. 20 .. No one will take you the way you are, even your family will try to "correct" you.

Rule No. 21 .. Men are bastards, women are bitches .. Your bastard/ bitch is somebody else's hero. Relativity rules!

Rule No. 22 .. People will try to break your spirits for different reasons. Random strangers and dearly loved ones, try not to fall for it.

Rule No. 23 .. You need to genuinely let go of the things you want in order to have them. Hence, it is always too late. Accommodate!

Rule No. 24 .. Go the extra mile!


Rule No. 26 .. Those who ask you to fully live your life have troubles living their own.


Anonymous said...

Hani Says:
loved the rules, ironic, shows deep sense of humor and need for lots of love.
About my rules (one of the bustards):
Rule no 1: you are the boss of your self
rule no 2: the boss is always right
rule no 3: if wrong, refer to rule no 1&2

Shimaa Gamal said...

Hello Hani

What makes you one of the bastards? :)

because you are the boss of urself and u r always right?

Anonymous said...

Hani Says:
Sure, anyone who is only concerned with his own feelings with no regards to others is a bastard
On the other hand we write what we want to be not what we really are, thus you can never judge a person you have met in person.