May 17, 2008

Uncommon Sense

Someone sent me an email telling me that KSA had banned some sites that they believe are hurting Islam. The Saudi authorities banned the Saudis from viewing these sites along many others. The email was to warn people like me from these sites and to praise the KSA decision.
I would never understand such logic. I don’t know how they are helping the image of Islam or Muslims by this ban. I don’t know how by banning them they are stopping what they believed as sources of spreading wrong ideas about Islam. I can never understand how the action of banning any website could do any good to the poor Saudi people unless the Saudi authorities mean to create a population of either super hackers or super dumps?!

A caller called on of those Fatwa programs on an Egyptian satellite channels. The caller had a question, or in fact the caller needed a justification and a clearance to divorce his wife of twenty years. The reason the caller gave was that his wife isn’t as sexually active as she used to be twenty years ago. Seems that the poor woman is fighting menopause, or maybe she is just fed up of his selfish technique so she isn’t as much into it as she used to be. The caller didn’t call to ask for help, or to ask for guidance to solve what seems to be a recent problem as he explained, the caller wanted the one giving the Fatwa to tell him to go divorce his wife and marry someone else. The caller didn’t complain that his wife was a bad wife, he didn’t complain that his wife is a bad mother, the caller’s problem was a sexual problem, the caller’s problem is a recent problem that might be a temporary problem, the caller didn’t seek help from a therapist or a doctor, the caller called to legitimize his desires of dumping the old meat and marrying a fresher one.
The problem is, one of the hosts of the show who is a male off course said the Islam gives that man the right to marry someone else to save this caller from Fitna.
So, finally I got to know that the religion I praise is all about legitimizing sex. Says who? Says that crazy caller and that crazy guy giving Fatwa.

These two incidents is dedicated to everyone who thinks that those who give Islam a bad name are crazy, ignorant westerners. If you are looking for those who give Islam a bad name look inside. Thanks to the efforts of KSA authorities and the Sex Fatwa on Dream TV.
The guy who said common sense isn’t that common was absolutely right; I bet he lived in the Arab world.


insomniac said...

i like that post!

the whole site banning... i once debated for 2 long hours with a colleague from college over that! it was our project for an elective course really; our prof raised some issues and based on who agreed and who did not we would sit and have debates and that was the topic i ended up with!! my colleague was a decent guy, pretty religious and nice and he he was pro banning... of course i was against :) and i remember saying the exact thing; banning that way usually creates a black market for whatever is banned!

oh i scored on that debate, i wish life is still that easy :)))

as for the divorce dude... come on! men get that fatwa and i am being told that a good muslim should never seek divorce as a first option.... i hate this society! 7asbey'Allah wa ne3ma el wakeel

Shimaa Gamal said...

Hello Inso :)

You can never imagine how did I feel as I listened to that caller and those guys airing this nonsense. I couldn't really believe that someone would ever think of divorce based on the simple fact that his wife is suffering from some sort of sexual problem that might be temporary and could be curable. I would understand but yet might not support someone who would think of divorce because there is a presisting sexual problem that is uncurable. But what happened for the better or worse thing.
And if men are getting married only for sex, why everyone is blaming me for labeling marriage the Egyptian way as legal prostitution? A man would only dump a prostitute if she couldn't fulfil his needs, but a wife?!
What really pissed me off is that people accept the dillusion that Islam is in support of such actions. I can't believe that these guys are turning our religion into a sex oriented religion. Islam was never a religion to organize sex, to say what to do and how to do it and with whom. Islam was never to give the clearance to be a sexmaniac.
Thanks to the people who ban everything and export the sexual deprivation attitude to the world.
Islam now looks as if Muslims are those who believe life is all about sex.
I really believe that a big part of the changes the egyptian community is suffering from is because we mixed too much with the wrong Saudies.

I have done my best not to generalize, I wanted to write that we mixed too much with the Saudies but I thought that there must be some open minded not so sexually oriented humans who belong to the KSA, so I gave them the credit of doubt!

Sherif said...

Before .. I was totally against divorce as it just represents to me failure to work up your mind to solve a problem. A resort for the helpless. Simply, you don't do your exercise and step the necessary extra mile !!

I think I've changed my mind now .. I'm for divorce ..

If I were this woman .. believe me .. I would have left him ..

It's much more peaceful and safer to live away from this guy ..

People who appointed themselves as custodians of Fatwas are just subotaging Islam .. they also hurt good muslims .. no brain .. no sense .. no nothing ..

For this reasons I only read for Gamal El Banna, Sayed Kemny, Nasry Abu Zeid, Moamed Sha7rour ..

In reading for them .. I respect my mind .. I respect being a real human ..

Don't waste your time my baby ..

By the way you didn't reply to a model I've sent one day ..

Still waiting .. all the best

Shimaa Gamal said...

Hello my dear Sherif

I was never against divorce, though I am a believer in walking the extra mile. The reason I was never against divorce is that the rule of cutting loss I learnt in my investement class. Sometimes, the best decision to take is to cut loss, because the eventual return won't be that rewarding. As we keep walking the extra mile we might end up worn out.
A friend of mine who got divorced once told me that if she had my presistence her marriage would have succeeded, I belive that if she had my presistence she would have died of frustration. Marraige is a mutual thing, it takes two to walk that extra mile and it is important for these two to walk that extra mile towards each other. In many cases people walk few extra miles but in opposite directions. Divorce is in many times the right decision, though like marriage it is being taken for the wrong reasons in most of the times.

As for those fatwas, you are absolutely right. It was a waste of time to listen to these guys, if it wasn't for my father's hobby to spend his friday wondering about TV channels to check whatever happened to people's minds in a week I was going to waste a good 10 mins listening to this nonsense. yet again, it is good to know why Islam is being viewed the way it is viewed now. Yes, these people hurt me so much.

I am sorry for being late on replying, but I was trapped in a vicious circle of personal affairs.
You know, something related to the count down to the thirty line.
I am sorry again, I will reply so soon isa.

Have a nice day