May 22, 2008

10 Things That You Might Not Know About Me

I was tagged by my dear friend Egyptiana, my very first tag and it is not as easy as it might seem. It might seem simple “write 10 things about you” but it isn’t as simple when you discover that you have exposed the tiniest bits about yourself in a blog. You know me inside out; Arrogant, self-centered, stupid, romantic, curious and extremely jealous these are probably the things you know about me, here are the 10 things you might not know.
  1. I tease to test waters. If I have an idea I won’t directly pose it. I will usually joke about that idea or tease to test reactions. So, if I ever teased about something that seemed out of this world there is a high probability that I am checking reactions and testing feasibility. Those of you who agreed on the 40 years deal, I guess now you know I wasn’t in the least kidding *wicked wink*
  2. When I say no, I don’t usually mean it. I will probably say no because it is the safer option. If I ever said no, try posing the issue again you might be surprised by the result.
  3. I am not that patient as I might seem to be. I am a persisting person, I might keep at doing something till what might seem to be forever but I will always lose interest one step before accomplishing this thing. I am not patient I am just slow.
  4. I find bald men attractive in a way.
  5. I wanted to be a spy.
  6. I am a serious day dreamer. That’s why I say I am lonely when people are around. I feel lonely when I can’t find the chance to escape reality and live in my own world.
  7. I take decisions according to what I call the ping pong approach. I live with each decision; act as if I have taken it then flip to the other in a back and forth mechanism similar to the ping pong ball. That’s why it might take me too long to decide simple things (add this to being slow in number 3). I take long because it takes long to live a choice and foresee where it will eventually lead you. Imagine doing this back and forth like a ping pong ball and you will understand why I always end up choosing something that wasn’t previously planned!
  8. I will always prefer knowing little about everything than knowing everything about only one thing. I am a” know it all” kind of person. Something related to my curiosity and arrogance.
  9. I am single most of the time, but I can’t live without someone around to feed the queen with praise. I can never say no to a good flirt, and I don’t consider flirting cheating. I am a really high maintenance person, and I make sure I am always maintained!
  10. I have fruitful conversation with things, I introduce myself to cats in the streets, to the birds on my window and I ask the plant if she would like to be watered today. I am pure insanity in a woman’s body.

I thought I would never make it to 10 but I have done it. It was fun too.

Now, if you are reading this and you like to do it consider yourself tagged :)

I would like to know 10 things that no one knows about Insomniac, Nourita, Mohaly, Askandarani & Haz if they would like to share some of their not so explored sides.


These are the 10 things no one knows about Insomniac

These are the 10 things no one knows about Nourita

These are the 10 things no one knows about Haz


Sherif said...


You want to seize every chance to enjoy the essence of everything .. that makes you hesitating .. slow or indecisive ..

That you are a queen ? .. in a sense yes ..

So intelligent not to lose .. but you seem hard to understand most of the time ..

Shimaa Gamal said...

Hello Sherif :)

It is true, I wish I could enjoy everything in this life. When it comes to me I might never decide, I am so much decisive when it comes to helping others :)

I am hard to understand and hard to be understood :)

As for being a queen :) I am flattered.

Thanks for the comment, I hope you got the mail

Anonymous said...


I never heard your comments about my top ten :)

Shimaa Gamal said...

And there comes the sun :)

I missed you sooooo much honey.

I bet you don't want to get those 10 exposed ;) Our own little secret ;)

I really missed you.

LiL^OrioN said...

lol! and you wanna get me exposed. =P

i've done it dear! really nothing interesting there.. =P

Shimaa Gamal said...

Hey Haz :)
We have so much in common ;) see it is always good to expose a little bit to get to know each other better.

Thanks dear for your sweet words on your blog

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

sweet shimaa
i am sorry for being late in commenting ... especially on this post :)

i am just more convincened that we are alik in many things

no ... doesnt necessarily means yes
i am not patient ... but persistent ... kinda slow
beleive that everything has a soul ... i talk to trees, clouds, even my walls

it is sad to live surrounded with people, while the feeling of loneliness is devouring you

i recommend you listen to the soundtracks of
1- atonment
2- schindler list

if you cant find them .. tell me and i will share them in


Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

ps: i dont think u r arrogant ... i think u know a lot about yourself ... and that is a problem

Shimaa Gamal said...

Hello My Dear :)

A couple of weeks ago as we, my brother and me, were watching some silly tv as we do when we are both bored :) Star Academy show was on and my brother pointed to one of the guys and said. You have this guy's personality. That guy, called Mohamed Qowadier, didn't have that charming personality. My brother elaborted. "3andoh gonoon 3azma, we 7ases benafsoh awy" :)

I will check the soundtracks and if i couldn't find them I will let you know :)

Thanks dear