January 29, 2008

Short Notes

- I discovered that I am always one step behind. I am too slow.

- Curiosity killed the cat once, I am not sure if it will kill me too. I got back to investigating their traces. Thanks to the internet, I knew he is lying about his wife, or at least there is nothing to prove his honesty. As for the other him, thanks to an old alias now I know his wife is pregnant. I know I have swore to stop but I can’t resist the temptation.

- If sex is the answer, did anyone get the question?

- You need someone to fix you babe … That was the conclusion of a fruitful talk with an old friend.

- I am the spaghetti, meat balls will sure make me taste better. But I am good enough without them. I am a whole dish. Meat balls are just an addition.

- I am officially blank. I feel too worn out. I can’t put my buzzing ideas into words.

- Rehab Bassam rocks, her book rocks, everyone should read it.

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