January 29, 2008

Another Conspiracy Theory

I decided to publish more of my arabic thought-less thoughts. I have to admit that the reason I don't publish most of these thoughts isn't related to the fact that most of my ideas are hitting me from left to right but also because I believe they aren't as good as the English thoughts, if those thoughts could ever be considered good. Another reason is that most of these thoughts is about Egypt. I don't want to get too much involved into politics. I am not a politician. I am just someone who speaks her thought-less thoughts out loud.
Anyway, I decided to put my famous theory about the conspiration in the Arabic Direction. So if you can read Arabic, interested in politics and not a believer in conspiracy, yes you read that one right, it will be my pleasure if you spare some of your time to read this theory.

Again feed Back is welcomed. Critisism is needed, as I want to improve my Arabic writings.
My brother told me that he will never read me as far as I am writing in English. And he believes that I am writing to no one as people can barely read Arabic and no one cares to read these thought-less thoughts in English.
So, Arabic it is. I will try doing it. But still ideas are hitting me from left to right.

Don't forget. I am waiting for feedback, so that I can post the other parts.

Thanks in advance
Shimaa Gamal

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