January 03, 2008

Current Thought – The Choice

A moral choice isn’t the choice between right and wrong. It is the choice between two wrongs. There is no moral in choosing between right and wrong as a person will always choose the right thing. The real choice is the choice between the different shades of wrongs. The real choice is to choose which wrong might be morally accepted.
The real question is why sometimes we just can’t find the right thing. Why sometimes we are only left with the wrongs to choose from.
If right isn’t an absolute value so why wrong can sometimes be absolute?

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Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

that is very deep shimaa... and make me think a lot about my life history and the choices i have made in life

do we choose the right because it is right and will benefit us, or because we have to forced by our ethical conscious ?

is the wrong we chose really wrong!

to runaway from all of these circular endless question i dont assume that there is anything absolute in this life ... everything is relative even right or wrong... depending on many factors such as time, personality, environment ... ect

and end up with one conclusion that all choices are right at a certain point of time ... thus there is no moral choice ... there is only a choice!

:D:D wow that is deep too ... i need to climb to the surface of life after that heheheh be well dear and have warm wintry days