January 06, 2008

In the mood for: Goodbye My lover

Seems that the same way I was suffering from an episode of unconscious love, here I am suffering from unconscious breakup.
Unconsciously I am going through the defensive measures. I am back to school, i.e. I have finally decided to finish my M.Sc. degree, I started the job hunt and I am putting too much time in my father’s new business. To top the feeling, I can’t resist listening to James Blunt’s Goodbye My lover.
Be it an unconscious breakup, or be it an undefined feeling. I am just in the mood for goodbye my lover.
So, enjoy!!!

1 comment:

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

heart breaking song ... what is the matter with you girl ... keep putting a sad bitter smile on my face by reviving my buried memories with your special mood songs !!!

:) in a scary way we have somethings in common

:) not too scary :P:P:P

i am glad you are back on track ... a girl's track is WORK, STUDY, CARRIER, ...................... men

by pure experience men are at the end of the list we sibek men kalam el nazareyat we el kotob ... men break the heart, work pay the bills ... which is useful? :)