November 16, 2007

Sister ... Sister

Ladies and Gentlemen I have news to share. Finally my sister got married. We have been struggling with time to meet our targets and finish all the “to do’s” before the wedding day. Finally we did it.
That was what I wrote in her guest book.

My dearest Heba & Hany
I have always said that love is the answer. But I can’t mislead you. Because life isn’t always as merry as we wish it to be. Hard times exist. There will come times where you will wonder if you have made the right choices, there will come times when you wonder why you fell in love in the first place and there will come time when the little things will lose their meaning. Love won’t be your answer; love will be the question both of you has to answer. Love is your test, and love is your salvation.

My dearest KoKi
I want you to remember everything that you have gone through, the good times and the bad times. Remember the faces that came into and out of your life. Remember every single moment. You will find that in better and in worse there was only one person who kept you company. YOURSELF.
So my dear, keep this in your mind, only YOU can do. You are up to everything. You have done it before, and you will keep doing it to the end of days.

Love you always

Remember when I said there will always be You for You. Next comes ME : ) : ) : )
I will always be there for you.

With all the best of luck
May God grant you a happily ever after life


Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

alf alf mabrook
we 3o2bal mnefra7 biki we lawen such a wish is somehow against dark secret 1 :)

be well sweety, it is wintr finally

Shimaa Gamal said...

Allah yebarek feeky :) 3o2balek keda lama tekhoshy el 2afas :) bas yekoon 2afas mn 3'ier 2odban :)

As for me ... ya3ny I guess eny me7taga mo3geza :)

who knows :)