November 25, 2007

The Day I Grew A Penis

I know that the title might be a bit offensive to the reader. But I couldn’t find a better expression. I am a female, a woman as my men call me. I am supposed to be sensitive, emotional, caring, indecisive by definition, and relationship consistent by attitude.
Some how, through the course of my life, I started losing some of my womanly traits and I started acquiring what Brad calls the penis. Though known for being talkative, I started preferring silence in many cases. I started to be decisive, initiative and solution oriented instead of being whining oriented. But the thing that proved the existence of the penis was my recent relationship orientation. I have started to develop the flagging attitude, the possession obsession behavior.
I am trying to flag someone that I know isn’t mine and I have no interest in, just for the fun of flagging someone. I am obsessed by possessing someone I know I will never posses just for the sake of marking territory. I am enjoying grey tones and never take a relation into a white or black square.
Only a man, because of the hunter instinct, will pursue a woman who he knows belongs to someone else. Only a man will hunt a prey for the sake of sport. Only a man will mark any free territory as his and will try to claim others too.
I can’t find a valid reason for a woman to hunt. I can’t find a valid reason for a woman to mark territory. I can’t find a valid reason for a woman to dump the beautifulness of being a woman and acquire the worst in a male.
I don’t know how, where and why I developed that new attitude. The only answer was what Brad bravely said. Congratulations YOU MUST BE HAVING A PENIS :( :( :( :(


Fadfadation said...



maybe it is just pure fara3'... seeking a new challenge?

Shimaa Gamal said...

You know you might be right. But seems that I started to prefer easy challenges to real challenges :)

It is fara3' :)

Anonymous said...

Really I had been choked when I saw the title but when I stared reading I recognized that you will never have a penis and the reason is very simple that you are a woman and a sensitive woman, but what you are doing is what everybody do when he can't find his love.
Yours OMAR

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

no dear you are not growing anything ... it is the usual human attittude when there is nothing else to do ... just as fadfadation and Omar said


it is a trap... and will bring you extra pain, cause it will raise lots of negative feelings

it is better sometiems to sit in your dark cave, instead of opening your windows and doors to dusty wind... it will only make your home dirty, and blind your eyes

be well always
and .... 3ayza atamen 3aleiki
my warmest regards