November 16, 2007

On Unconscious Love & Illusionary Optimism

Miss Egyptiana Wrote:

First time to know that optimism can be illusionary!!!I think it is a positive energy that help in doing things

of course love is a conscious act... love electrify your body, occupy your mind, chain your soul ... how you cant notice all of this

My dearest Egyptiana

I guess illusionary optimism and unconscious love are related to a great extent.
Illusionary optimism is a case where the person loses the sense of reality. The person will act as if he owns the whole world. Illusionary optimism is directly related to the unexplained state of the heart (AKA Love). As love sometimes, again sometimes not always, can be a big source of diversion. A person in love will usually miss the little details. Love work wonders with the mind. Happiness can be misleading sometimes. While in love a person can pursue things that aren’t meant to be. He will try unlocking a closed door while having a window wide open. The faith that this closed door can be opened is an illusionary optimism.
As for love, it can be an unconscious act. It is not always the case but sometimes, we fall in love without even noticing. We wake up one day to feel the buzz moving with our blood stream. You will never remember when or where but you will definitely know that you are in love.

The extreme case will be, someone feeling the buzz of love and temporarily enjoying the status of illusionary optimism but without consciously identifying the source, i.e. the person who caused it.

If you are looking for a confession, recently I have noticed that I am passing through a peak of an illusionary optimism curve that led me to the conclusion that I, knowing the person I am, might be in love. Along came the question, who is the lucky person.
I have looked through my list of ex’s, friends, potential boyfriends and any male subject around me but I couldn’t consciously locate that person.
I feel the buzz, I own the world but I don’t know who’s caused this case.

Any idea :) ?!!!

I see a high wave coming to shore :) my next wave crash will be a tsunami, so watch out ;)

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