November 11, 2007

Current Thought - Random

Illusionary optimism: illusionary optimism is a rare case where the person experiences the feeling of possessing the world at his hands. Usually this person will see the full half of an empty cup, a typical behavior is a persisting attitude pursuing an impossible thing wearing mottos like impossible is nothing. If not treated properly this condition could lead to severe episodes of depression. Treatment is usually simple; to separate the subject from the source of the illusionary optimism, which is in most cases an unexplainable state of the heart (AKA love).

Consciousness: Is love a conscious act, or is it an unconscious thing? Can someone be in love without being aware of the feeling or the person?

Superficiality: how can we define a superficial person or a superficial act?

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Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

first time to know that optimisim can be illusionary !!!

i think it is a positive energy that help in doing things
of course love is a concious act... love electrify your body, occupy your mind, chain your soul ... how you cant notice all of this
Superficiality is being on top, withut looking down to the details

:D:D u call this random thoughts ... omal lao kanet mosh random kanet ba2et 3amla ezay

miss ur words :)