May 18, 2007


It is in what we expect, not in what we really find. It is in the pain not in the joy. Love resides else where but we are prisoners of our own illusions. We choose to fall for the imitations and miss the precious stone.Love is mutual, love is real and love sustains. Love isn’t a way to escape our realities. Love exists, it shows when least expectedLove is a treasure protected by a spell, “those who hunt love shall not find it”, “those who hunt love shall always be in pain”, “those who hunt love shall be cursed for eternity”.We all hunt love, or at least most of us did at least once in life time. The teenager who struggles with hormones hunted love thinking it is the savior. The lonely girl hunted love dreaming of a prince charming saving her. The young boy hunted love to grow into a man. Love was the answer and still it is. It is the answer we sought to explain hormonal rush, severe depressions, loneliness, neediness, emptiness and more unanswered feelings. Instead of answering those feelings we just thought it is love, we used the most appealing answer deceiving no one but ourselves.Sorry, but if love is the answer, the question should be re-phrased.


Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

love .. what's love

an illusion, that caused confusion, and diffusion, and end with one conclusion

there is no such thing as love ... i prefer to call it, a case of attraction that generates a stream of emotions

but i have to agree with u, those who hunt it, never have it ... it strike when it is least expected ... we 3agaby

eyad harfoush said...

Dear Shaimaa & Egyptiana,

Love does exist, when you feel you someone crossing your mind every now and then, this is a "like", but when you feel your are haunted, obsessed and modulated by someone, this is “love”

But it is true, when we hunt for love we usually get “likes” that turns in a while into “dislikes” because we stain this “like” with all the dreamed featrures of our “love” when we realize by time he is not who we dreamed for, he is only himself, he turns to be “dislike” for us, he turns even to be a burden, and we feel guilt because we feel like we used him as a model for our dreamed love. Right?

Shimaa Gamal said...

Dear Miss Egyptiana

Illusions exist, but love isn't an illusion, it is pretty much like ghosts .. everyone says it exists but only few have seen them :)

Shimaa Gamal said...

Dear Eyad

being obbessed by someone isn't a sign of love, it is a sign of an imitation.
love is the undefined .. so whenever we find a defination for a feeling most probably it isn't love !!

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

"the dreamed featrures of our “love”"

mmm ... i agree with shimaa

i never thought of the so called love as having dreamed specified feature .. i guess the so called love - still insist that it is a case of attraction - is mainly to accept the other as is, a whole package, with both the good and the bad ...

and it is better to be himself than other ... not all of us look for GODs and GODDESSEs

Fantasia said...

I loved your post. Love is the answer to so many different motives, therefore it is not the same in the hearts of everybody. That's why there is a huge gap between the pure mental image of love and its expression in reality.