May 17, 2007

11 mintues

I am currently reading 11 minutes by Paulo Coelho, it is a story about Maria who happened to be a prostitute. I couldn’t understand why my friend gave it to me, the deeper get into the book the more I understand why he wanted me to read it. It is a story about life not prostitution. It is about men and women not sex.
I am quoting here;

“They didn’t mind spending three hundred and fifty Swiss francs to stop being themselves for a night.For a night? Now come on, Maria, you are exaggerating. It’s really only forty-five minutes, and if you allow time for taking off clothes, making some phony gesture of affection, having a bit banal conversation and getting dressed again, the amount of time spent actually having sex is about eleven minutes.Eleven minutes. The world revolved around something that only took eleven minutes”.

“The most important piece of advice, however, came from a Filipino woman called Nyah: when your client comes, you must always groan as if you were having an orgasm too. That guarantees customer loyalty.But why? They are just paying for their own satisfaction.No, that’s where you are wrong. A man doesn’t prove he’s a man by getting an erection. He’s only a real man if he can pleasure a woman. And if he can pleasure a prostitute, he’ll think he’s the best lover on the block.”

Oh Dear God, my theories are not only on my head. Thank you God, I am not alone and I am not always wrong!!

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eyad harfoush said...

Dear Shaimaa,

There is an easier source of understanding man and woman nature, it is Psycho-sexology science. You can find some on Guttenberg library