March 31, 2007

I have a talented friend, who kept moving in circles to find himself. He couldn't stay more than one day after our final exams. He started his adveture by travelling to uncle sam's dream land.
after spending good time, and meeting the girl of his dreams, who is french by the way, he got married and soon after that he got back in transit to Cairo, and from Cairo to the land of cheese, wine, and beautiful girls. He went to France, and he started finding himself.
My friend is crazy about Al Ahly club, me too actually, but he is a dedicated fan. somehow, and for a reason he created he invited me to join the forum, and he asked me to write these things i send him for review in the forum instead of sending them to him.
so, i did. i first started posting my old writings, which didn't get much attention from the members, they read, few commented, but i didn't feel that any was excited about it.
one night, i decided to open a new discussion, about marraige. i opted for a better understanding of what the thing is all about. i wanted to listen how married people see marriage, and how single people dream of it.
i wanted to prove my different theories about relationships. i wanted to put the boring writings into action.
the topic attracted many members, singles were the most talkative, males were the most contributing.
most of my theories proved right in discussion, though everyone will oppose it when i 1st pose it, then someone will try to prove i am wrong by telling a story, and the moral of the story is that i am right, and the theory is proved. Q.E.D.

most of the time we found the community guilty as charged. it is the community and traditions that makes our relations fail. i am not a fan of that theory, as my own theory is that we control our lives. but still the heritage of traditions have contributed to many of the problems we have in our community.

we discussed reasons people get married for, marraige as institution, trust, obeyment, sharing, sex, love, honor, virginty and the talks are still going on ..

i think that the opinions shared there is of real importance, it represents the ideology of the future fathers and mothers of egypt.

i never thought that a forum will be a satisfying experience .. thanks to my talented friend, who wanted to get rid of reading my writings, so he made me write them to everyone else :)

but by all means, watch out, it is an Ahly territory :)

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