March 06, 2007

The Book

The story started around a year ago. I had the urge to write, it was either to get out what I felt in written format or to walk around the streets talking to the public.
I chose to write what I felt down; I couldn’t take the risk of being an officially crazy person. So I started writing, I wanted it to be an article, but ideas kept flowing. So I started calling the article my book. I even gave the book a name; I called it, Notes In Love, Marriage, Friendship and War. To sum up how I see the way the interrelations between the men and women are.
Most of the posts I blog is extracted out of this thing I call book.
Today, someone posted a comment on a forum, mentioning that he will be of the first to buy the book when I publish it.
And as I didn’t write a word for the last couple of months that was my reply

"Actually, there will be no book till I have something to push me to write... So I guess a couple of heart breaks, and one more abusive relation could do the trick... The problem is, I don't fall for the old tricks anymore .. Anyway, I am doing my best to find another impossible relation, that I will get into and completely believe it will work, love again, get hurt again and finally finish what I call book...

wish me luck!!!!"

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