September 09, 2012

On The Wolf and The Little Girl

In the story there was a wolf, a little girl, a crowded village, and a forest. In the story the little girl lived in the village the wolf lived in the forest. Their roads shouldn’t have crossed if it weren’t for a basket of fruits.
Their roads somehow crossed. On the borders of the village lived the girl’s grandma. Her grandma’s backyard was nothing but the mighty forest. Everyday she held a fruit basket and went to her grandma's.

Everyday on the thin border line she stood to play.

The forest was the wolf's. The village was the people's. The deal was that none of them cross into the others world.

The little girl knew about the wolf.

The wolf wouldn’t care to know about the little girl. The village was full of girls like her, boys, men and women. The village was full of life while the forest was only full of him.

They met.

There at the very thin line between the village and the forest. They stood starring at one another.
For a moment it was like a dream. For the girl it was hard to believe that she is standing face to face with the wolf that the whole village talks about. For the wolf it was really strange that a little girl gets that close to him without being scared. After all he is the legendary wolf. Girls like her scream at the mere mention of him.
It wasn’t a dream and each had to decide what to do. Nobody was watching. The only thing the little girl feared was someone to see her with the wolf. Standing there she didn’t feel scared. She didn’t get why the people say all the horrible things about that wolf.

She felt safe. She only feared what people would say if they saw her with the wolf.

The wolf on the other hand had to take a more crucial decision. He was a wolf, the question was whether to act as a wolf or simply give in to the girl.

No one was watching. He decided not to be a wolf just for one night.

They played. The girl even gave him an apple out of her fruit basket. It was fun, again just like a dream. But then all of sudden he decided to leave.

Their secret meetings kept going on. He called her reckless because only a reckless little girl will show up every day to play with a wolf.

She gave him a fruit every time she saw him. The innocent little girl wasn’t reckless she was just safe in a way that she couldn’t explain.

With every fruit she gave the wolf he warned her that he is nothing but a wolf. And wolves eat little innocent girls.

And as she doesn’t seem to take the wolf’s warnings seriously, the wolf started showing her his paws and claws. He started showing her his sharp teeth. Every time he did that she ran home crying. She couldn't get why he insists to show off the beast in the time they both know he isn’t really a beast.

One day as they played the wolf decided to bite the girl’s arm, a bite that shook off the dream. He bit her and ran into the forest. His voice echoed, remember reckless I am a wolf, we eat little innocent girls we don’t play with them. You have been warned, repeatedly.

The girl never stopped going to the forest and he never stopped showing up for her. But they just don’t play.

She does nothing but waiting. He does nothing but watching.

And there they both stare at the thin border line between their two worlds.

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