September 23, 2012

My Disney Princess

So last night, I asked my friends on twitter a question. Who is your favorite Disney princess and why?

I got some interesting answers. And instead of spamming the timelines of my friends with my answer I thought of sharing it here.

Belle is my favorite Disney princess. 

Let’s look at Belle, the young yet mature beyond her years. She is a book worm. She didn’t conform to her society’s expectations and she wished for an adventurous life. She is intelligent and brave. And when the time came she stepped up to save her father from the beast everyone feared.

Belle was a girl of character. She did what she believed should be done. And she loved that that no one else could possibly love. She had an eye that saw the good in the beast.

The love of her man didn’t make a princess out of her. It was through “their” mutual love to one another that both became prince and princess.

So, who is your favorite Disney princess and why?


Ze2red said...

Belle, for the same reasons you mentioned.

Anstasia, because she is more or less the same as belle, she went through a rough patch till finally she was reunited with her grandma.

jessyz said...

If you had asked me a decade ago I probably would have randomly named one, but now I hate them all. I think that most of the princes are losers. The girl can not live happily nor can the story end until she has found a man, even if that man is a theif (Aladdin and Eugene) or a total good for nothing idiot (Naveen). And then there is the whole outer beauty issue. They all need to be beautiful with long hair and big eyes. Seriously? What kind of message is that? And yes Belle wanted adventure, but did she go out and look for it, no she spent her life in her books until circumstance pushed her into an adventure, so sorry pretty Belle is not a good example either. Tiana, from the Princess and the Frog might be a better example, but again the story doesn't end until she has found a prince. And in today's world, who has the luxury of being a princess anyway, there are so many books and movies for kids that have beautiful examples of strong, compassionate and great role models that would kick the collective Disney Princess butt.

Shimaa Gamal said...

Hello girls

It is really nice that we are having a discussion over a blog post :) I missed that so much.

I have a confession, I don't know all Disney princesses. I just know that I hate Cinderella :) and that snow white did nothing at all but being lucky.

I relate to Belle, and I don't think she was passive, she was just slow. And the prince didn't complete her. on the contrary, I see that her relationship with the beast was self discovery for both of them. they both learned and grew into something more beautiful.

I also think Belle is ugly. She only has a "Belle" name :)

And I am a princess, I am just looking for a world to conquer ;)

Anonymous said...


Salsa said...

Ariel is my favorite. she was really determine to have human legs.. :)

Z-Lo said...

Hi. Can a man weigh in?

I like Jasmine cause she's sexy.

Sorry. Just had to :)

That said, I like jessyz's comment because, as my dad used to say, Disney is the mythology of modern America. And it propagates all kinds of ideals that I don't like so much, chauvinism being one. And it exports these bland fantasies all over the world, which is an even more unpalatable thought to me.

But the princess model is maybe not such a bad one. It says self esteem and even power. Maybe not as good as a queen, but embracing a certain girliness. Which I like and hope women of all ages retain.

Shimaa Gamal said...

Hello Z-Lo

A man's perspective is always welcomed. Jasmine coz she is Sexy, ha? LOL

How come I missed that this is how men will see the whole thing ;)

And I agree the princess model is both good and bad.

I think some of those princesses send good messages to little girls and some don't.