September 21, 2010

X and Y - One more time

My Dearest X

So here is the thing. The problem was never that things were in my head. The problem was never that I have always been right.

The problem is I have always known I am right, and just hoped it was in my head.

That's why I kept turning a blind eye and accepting lame excuses.

It was never that I might be wrong ...

I am almost never wrong ...

I just wanted "you" to be right ...

And you know you never were ... and you never will be!

Your's Truly,


Noly said...


heya dy bzabt ely 3rftaha fel a25r, bas cheer up at least we knew that they will never be w malosh lazma ba2a to waste anymore, anything with them.

Shimaa Gamal said...

Well, I think the more important is to let them know who they really are.

They can deceive themselves but never us :)