September 15, 2010

Quote of the Day

I trusted you, loved you, and you betrayed me ...


deppy said...

Dont they all!

Noblese said...

Although it is hard but still you had the feelings of love.

Noly said...

ya Shi ya sadekty kolana haza el ragol :D.

Just leave all that behind and move forward, I still have this little faith that the best is yet to come one day :)).

Shimaa Gamal said...

Hello my sweet friends

Let me tell you what that quote is all about. It is about betrayal in all its forms.

So, yes Deppy at a given point of time anyone we love might betray us. Actually all of them will fail us one way or another.

And Noblese the feeling of love is good and sometimes is what makes life worth living but betrayal kills something, you will keep on but never the same.

And Noly, I hate to tell you that there is no best in the cards :) You will just get denser by time, and what hurt you now won't hurt you tomorrow.

And one day you will look hardships in the eye and say, yama da2et 3ala ras tobool :)