September 09, 2010

Burn the Quran Day - Correction

I got a comment correcting the Sarah Palin twitter account. So this Sarrah Palin in the previous post isn't the one hoping to run for US presidency.

The real Sarah Palin could be found here

and here latest tweet was Koran Burning Is Insensitive, Unnecessary; Pastor Jones, Please Stand Down

My apologies for reacting on the spur of the moment without double checking the real Sarah Palin account


Hicham said...

Interesting that Sarah Palin joined the game!

Anyway, the calls for burning the Koran tell people how extremism isn't related to religion teaching but how some followers are bigot.

Shimaa Gamal said...

Apparently jumping on that wagon is the thing to do these days.

And I agree, extremism isn't religion related.

But I personally find the whole issue really provoking. Why don't they just back down and live and let live?

I can't understand how such minds work

Hicham said...

Becase bigots don't see that they are so and think they have the ultimate truth that all people must follow them whatever they believe in.

Khaled Aly said...

I found this blog through Nermeena's blog. Wow! I've been away for a while from Masr but wallahy you guys are shabab zayyel ward! So many great minds and I hope that you are all good friends in true life as well. Back to that interesting discussion about Burning Al-Quran. Let me disagree -if I could- with the statement that extremism is not coherent with religions. My disagreement stems from the fact that the aforementioned concept simply does not disprove the opposite. Therefore, I have to disagree here. If the root cause of extremism comes from diversified sources, why then extremists essentially share similar views about the "other"?. Extremist folks are Strict Script Followers (SSF) who can never analyze an inch around the script itself. I once had a Polish coworker in Canada who was a devoted Catholic. If you listen to his "speeches", you would think that Bin Laden may have some white relatives that we didn't know of. The greatest evidence of my claim is Sarah Palin herself. Even though she considers herself a non-dominational Christian, her practices highlight evil statements about the other. Sarah is one more devoted person to her "whatever" beliefs of Christianity. Blind devotion to any religious views is the hallmark of extremism. More important than taking a bow and the physical aspects that signify one's beliefs, comes the spiritual component. Sarah is a right wing and many of her Tea Party buddies are extremists by default spiritual settings. They are very good at dismaying weak Muslims using a wide array of tools. That is exactly what terrorism is all about. Moderate people who turn to SSF become extremists at some point. This will consequently lead to bold practices of terrorism both in and outside the media. That was the exact same sequence of events that Bin Laden did follow. Now we see many Westerners unconsciously adopting the same path, which tells us that black clouds are looming for ALL groups of Muslims everywhere.

Shimaa Gamal said...

Hello Khaled

First thank you for passing by and Thanks to Nerro's blog that led you here :)

Second I agree with you in everything you said. But I have to clarify 1st that what I meant when I said extremism isn't religion related. It is not religion related with the sense that it is not something Islamic. And it is not something that God ordered any of the many religions followers to do.

It is a human nature. I have always said that once religion is in, mind is out. Religion for most people is the last line of defense. The core protecting their unknown part, the soul.

And when it comes to religion people like playing God. They like to think that they are the only right, because it is a human nature to believe that if I am right the other should necessarily be wrong. In the time, it isn't always the case. Life can have multiple rights, as it can have multiple wrongs.

But humans can't understand this fact most of the time, and if they accepted it with everything, their fight for an exclusive piece of heaven will make them deny this fact when it comes to religion.

People are seeking heaven, and thinking they can get there on the bodies of the "wrong" other ...

Thanks again for passing by, and have a pleasant day