September 01, 2010

Random Thoughts - II

Because it is one of the reasons why I am too lazy to blog here is a collection of my answer to the infamous Facebook question “what’s on your mind?”

· Emptiness is potential. An empty glass is better than the full in the sense you can fill it with whatever you want or even keep it empty. Emptiness represents unlimited choices, in the time full is really as good as it gets!

· Here is the thing; the problem was never the bread. The problem has always been the cheese. And I really can't tell how this would put things in perspective but I certainly believe it does.

· Hope, people, is the second worst thing on your heart. It comes next to smoking and right before French Fries. It will eventually kill you but it doesn't come with a warning.

· Life is worse than our worst nightmares! People will tell you that the best is yet to come, reality check it isn't really the best that will come you just become denser and the things you thought are bad won't feel the same. If a thicker skin is considered a good thing, it is the only best you will get!

· There is always two ways to look at a thing. Like when you lose something you love. You can be bitter for losing it or just be grateful for having it in the first place. Life is a loan and so is everything in it. So, it is not really a loss, it is merely a repayment.

· أخطر الجهل ، جهل العالم

· Our most precious things in life come at no cost not because they are cheap but because they are simply "Priceless"

· Shimaa Gamal is a gold fish in a shark tank

· Always, always be ahead of things. Celebrate as early as you remember and apologize as soon as you do the mistake. Life is too short to wait for the right time ... And if you are still waiting for the right time, congratulations you have wasted your life

· If there is one thing to tell you before I die it will be eat your salad. It is more important than your steak. It might be dull, not your favorite but it is what you really need. Eat your salad!

· Shimaa Gamal is so sad to declare that everyone is a Hitler in disguise. We all are waiting for a chance!

· In the spirits of mother's day I'd like to tell all the parents out there to not be afraid of messing up their children. Always remember that you are the person you are because your parents messed up with you in a way. And there are no strict proof that there is a relation between parents' mistakes and the number of rapists and serial killers out there. Even creating a new Jack the ripper might be an accomplishment!

· Life is too short to be wasted eating flavorless ice-cream!

· تبدأ المشكلة ، فى معظم الأحيان ، حين يكون الكلام للجارة و تكون البعيدة بالفعل حمارة . و كما قيل لكل داء دواء يستطب به إلا الحماقة أعيت من يداويها

· A little bit of butter makes your life better!

· Shimaa Gamal would like to think of herself as a natural long distance runner who wins her race(s) by a trademark last minute sprint!

· كل واحد فى مصر بيطلع زى أبوه ، إبن الدكتور بيطلع دكتور ، إبن المهندس بيطلع مهندس و إبن المحامى يطلع محامى و من البديهى إن إبن الريس يطلع ريس مدام جاب مجموع . و أنا من موقعى هذا بقول إن المشكلة فى مكتب التنسيق و قواعد القبول بالكلية الجوية . الإمتحان لازم يجيى فى مستوى الطالب الناصح و بلاش يحبكّوا قوى على الطياريين علشان إبن الطيار يطلع طيار و نخلص من الفيلم الهندى اللى عايشينه ده

· اللعنة على الإير تايم

· Men are like accessories, they are not essential for the "look" but they can make it or break it. So you either do it right or forget about the whole thing!

· Regardless how eye catching the scenery of the valley is, the shining signs promising a better end up the hill would tempt everyone to move. The temptation is so big that most people skip the disclaimer written on each sign in really small letters warning that there is no way back. You can always jump off the hill but you can never turn back!

· Here is the thing, things aren't becoming oddly dull. They are bright as they have always been. It is just that I am realizing that things don't shine by nature, they barely reflect my enthusiasm. And that's one thing that I can't afford anymore.

· The more white you wear under your white shirt the more transparent it will be. I don't know how this is supposed to put things in perspective but beige is called nude for a reason it is your only way out of a not so appealing see through look! So whenever in doubt, go beige!

· العمى عمى القلوب و الضلمة ضلمة عقول و الإحساس نعمة لا يستحقها لا دول و لا دول

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