June 06, 2010

The Royal Tiara Tag

Name who asked you to play this:

Lendmeurear, Jessy and Sina

Mention six secrets nobody can uncover about you when meeting you for the first time.

1- I love bubbles a lot.

2- I judge, mostly my feelings about a person are right yet I give everyone the benefit of doubt

3- When in doubt, I giggle

4- I think too much about whether I am boring my company or not.

5- I don’t know the right amount of “thank you”s to show appreciation, so I am either over doing it or simply seeming ungrateful.

6- I take everything seriously, which give people a good chance to work me.

Pass this on to 6 bloggers, mentioning their names along with their links.

Though everyone tagged everyone, I tag

  1. Noblese
  2. ibhog
  3. Nerro
  4. Juka
  5. Injis
  6. Mermaid


E N G Y said...

I like being tagged!!..long time:)

Ze2red said...

i took get played a lot :D

bas i kind of have an opposite problem, you don't know the amount of thank yous, i don't know the amount of being friendly. I can see people and being like hi, how are you? and .... and on other occasions they very same group, i might not say hi aslan :(

insomniac said...

i completely get the thank you's de!

sometimes i am too shy to say it i seem ungrateful!

injis said...

Hey there fellow Keynes fan, had to dig it up from the archives, but all yours: