June 30, 2010

Adieu mon pays

Right now, all what I can think of is how a certain person smells like. You know how it feels when you have this constant headache that you know will go only if you sniffed a cup of coffee, fresh bread or even took a deep breath in a rainy day.

It is not really a headache; it is a torturing craving for something that can’t be easily fulfilled. It is not easily fulfilled because I wish it was just the smell of coffee that I am craving. But I am craving a smell of a person who isn’t physically around. And the only way to get this fixed is to find a way to transfer smells over the internet.

I hate packing. Well, I don’t really hate packing. I hate how the idea of travel starts a compulsive behavior of washing everything in sight. It is really time consuming super exhausting. But I just can’t stop. Because all what I can think of is how I will get back to find home. And you know what, the moment I am back home, I start a process of unpacking and washing everything in sight. I think one day I should do something about that cleaning compulsive behavior.

Actually not only travel sets it off, stress in general. If someone died for example I start washing things too.

Life, people, would have been different if we lived every day as if there is no tomorrow. The concept of tomorrow is ruining our lives. Because we know there is a tomorrow, and regardless we know that there is no guarantee, yet we act as if it is granted. And instead of making use of today and say what we should be saying and do what we feel like doing, we wait. And there is no point of waiting. Whatever that didn’t happen today won’t be happening tomorrow. And if it did, we will regret it anyway.

The thing is, the concept of no tomorrow could ruin our lives in many ways too. But this is a long story and I have a plan to catch in few hours. I am going back to visit the sacred valley. I am not that excited and this too is another long story to be added to the many things that I have been keeping inside.

Right now, all what I can think of is a smell that I never smelled before yet I know is exactly what I need.

I will pray for you all, and I will miss you all.

Actually, I am missing you already.

à toute à l'heure


Anonymous said...

get back safe, tomorrow :)

insomniac said...

terga3y bel salama ya shi

Anonymous said...

You've been tagged over here : http://wp.me/pYhPQ-9m
Please pay my lil blog a visit and drop a comment or two :)


Shimaa Gamal said...

Ibhog :) mesh 2oltelak mesh hat2akhar :)

Inso, wa7sheteeeny moooot. fo2 kol wasf.

Noona, I am just back
I follow your blog, and I do comment sometimes but I am known to be bakheela sa3at :(
I will comment more often. And I promise you I will check the tag as soon as I wake up. I didn't sleep for more than 24 hours
Thanks hun xoxo

Noblese said...

Hope you had a great trip! As for the future, why not live the today as if it were the last, this would give a new perspective.

Shimaa Gamal said...

Hello Noblese
I thought I replied, sorry apparently I am losing my memory these days among the many things I am losing :)

I hope weight will just be added to that list :) :) :)

The trip was fine.

Living today as if it is the last of all days can either make the person does his best or just give up on things.

Do you think this is good or bad?

Noblese said...

Hi Shimaa,
Am glad the trip was fine.

About living the day as if it were the last ... I believe that God has not given us a spirit of fear,
but of power and of love and of a sound mind ... so to have a 'white' and clear heart and conscious before we leave this earth.

How did you lose weight? Am trying since ages but ...

Take care

Shimaa Gamal said...

Well, right now I can give tips for how to gain weight. Which is easy, go on diet for a week and then celebrate the weight you lost by a delicious super sized meal :D

But I lost more than 20 kgs 3 yrs ago. And it wasn't really easy, I even consider this my life achievement.
I lived on vegetable soup. Literally.
My breakfast was a cup of nescafe, no sugar, then when i was dying of hunger i was allowed to eat half an apple. lunch was salad and vegetable soup and a little piece of meat or chicken. and when i got hungry later i was allowed to drink tea or any hot drink.

The goal was to get my stomach to the size of humans instead of elephants. But off course, after 3 yrs, I am now having a buffalo stomach and working hard to get back to the elephant's :D

I think I should write about my diet experience before I get back to fat :)