June 25, 2010

I Wish I Can Say ...

You know, I have something for bastards. And that feeling I have, just makes you one!


Noblese said...

Was just wondering that your last few posts are like riddles?!

Shimaa Gamal said...

They are screams, instead of telling people in the face how I feel or think of them.

Don't you get this feeling sometimes? That you so want to tell someone something but it is just politically incorrect to do.

Noblese said...

Yes, I can hear you. and yep, I sometimes do get these feelings ... the thing is what is better, to be politically incorrect and have the whole load on your shoulders, or say what you mean and then live with guilt feelings. I know how this is ... then I run off and tell it to someone else and distance myself from the person.

Shimaa Gamal said...

The thought of no consequences is haunting me these days. I just can't shake the idea that if there were no consequences to our deeds I would have done a lot of things.
I would have treated people the same way they do or at least tell them what I really think of them.

But because there is consequences and because you should be the better person. You don't.

When I can I distance myself, but some of them are really close. And the best I could think of is just screaming here from time to time.

I heard that it is a bit chilly in swiss, is that true? It was 45 degrees here in Egypt. My plants almost died from the heat.

Noblese said...

Who said you should be the better person? I know, this is also what I do ... but isn't this something most of the women do. I know, I do this in order to keep peace in place.

We could mix the two weathers together; your 45 and our 20-25. We had cold weather lately and now it's beginning to get warmer. Am sorry for your plants.

Shimaa Gamal said...

I think that being the better person is sort of investing for a rainy day. I really pray it will payback and it is not just wasted

I think if we mixed the two weathers it will be heaven :D
I like summer, but I think that 30 degrees is more than enough.

I am watering the plants and talking to them and everything on a hope that this will keep them alive.

Thanks Dear

Enjoy your weekend.

Anonymous said...

Would you please be more clear and elaborate on this.
can't wait!!

Shimaa Gamal said...

Hello M
So, as you might know I usually fall for the wrong type of men. So, if I am having a certain feeling of liking a certain man that probably makes him of the wrong type.

Don't you think so?

Anonymous said...

well, well,well
what type of men is the wrong type?!
let me know so we can eliminate them:)
and if you tend to like this type doesn't that make you a woman with a unique taste?

Shimaa Gamal said...

Well M,

For a start don't you think I deserve to call you with a name not only an initial :)

And the wrong men are those men who find pleasure in breaking my heart.

I am not sure if that makes me unique or not. And whether this uniqueness is good or bad.

what do you think?

Anonymous said...

(A name Ya Salammm bas keda geety 3ala gamal ya3ny,
You deserve better than that. Mahmoud that is but u can call me M if u like.
so they break your heart huh?! those bastards...
well Shimaa let's get serious for a moment here, you seem like a very smart woman, why don't you take a deep breath and think what these guys have in common, f they are the right ones and if they are attainable. and then make your choices.
well i hope my analogy is not laughable cause I'm a man after all, it's very hard to put one self in a woman's shoes.
a woman of your intellect should be fine I would think.

Shimaa Gamal said...

Well M , you are right. I think I should start thinking what do they have in common other than taking pleasure in breaking my heart.

And thank you for the sweet words, these came in a very much needed time.

And I am so happy you are commenting.

I am going to Umrah btw, 3ayez 7aga mn henak?

Anonymous said...

3ayz salamtik wi da3watik
be safe

Noblese said...

Wishing you a blessed Umrah dear, and take care!