January 01, 2009


It is a new year. I am still that very same person who won’t propose a toast for ends and new beginnings. I am a person who worships continuity and despise sudden changes. A new year isn’t really a sudden change. It is a change that most of us wish upon.

But this post isn’t about change. And apparently it isn’t about New Year. But it is sure about a toast. Today is Brad’s wedding. I am a person who would happily adapt the toast custom in Egyptian weddings. Yet again, I am not the type of person who would propose a toast to the lovely bride, or to a happily ever after life. I can’t propose a toast to love, not because I am not a believer but because it isn’t always enough.

If I am to propose a toast it will be to the journey, the road, and the company. May this New Year be the beginning of a wonderful journey, the first step on an endless road and the start for a scared companionship that’s cherished by both of you!

Happy New Year :)


Jerkulez said...

on continuity how about the fact i just spent last sec of 2008 with the first of 2009 in my bed asleep :)
never did hold a significance to me, why should i start smthg now, not tomorrow or not yesterday?

Shimaa Gamal said...

Hello Jerkulez

Spending a cold night in bed is always a wise choice :) especially if this night marks the end of a year and the start of the other :)

I am so happy to find other believers of continuity :)

Thanks for passing by