August 03, 2008

That's Wise

Q: Why men pull away just as things start to get serious?

A: Probably married, gay or stupid.


kochia said...

تقريبا اول مرة اعلق
لان عادة بقرا موضوعاتك علي كذا مرحلة لاسباب انتي عارفاها

لكن الموضوع صغير وجميل وعجبني
ايه السؤال والاجابة الواقعيين جدا دول

يا تري ده عن دراسة ولا عن تجربة ؟؟


Shimaa Gamal said...

صباح الفل

تعليقك نور البلوج مع إن زياراتك و متابعتك على طول منورانى بس التعليق علُى النور شوية .

يا رب يكون الخط أريح فى القرأة :) ولا نكبره كمان شوية ؟ :) إنت تأمرى

و الله السؤال و الإجابة دول لهم قصة أنا كنت من سنة كتبت موضوع عن ال pull away
الموضوع ده معظم الزيارات اللى بتيجى من جوجا بتيج عليه ، إمبارح فى ساعة صفا قلت أشوف جوجل هايقول إيه على الموضوع ده ، لقيت ناس بتناقش نفس الموضوع واحدة سألت السؤال و جالها إجابات كثيرة ، أكثر إجابة عجبتنى هى دى ، و بينى و بينك عن تجربة

when a man pulls away he is always stupid. Stupid because he took a step that he wanted to take it back. Being married or gay are just sub-reasons :) to justify his stupidity :)

What do you think?

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

i dont beleive that there is a stupid man... they know very well what they are doing... know when to sink women in fake emotions, and when to pull away playing the victime, and when to pull away also but this time playing mr bad ... but the last is not usually done, unless there is hell of pressure and that is the only way to get out of the situation

why men pull away!!
cause they were never serious on the first place ... no matter what lies they say ... they may like the company, the good laugh, the feeling of a hero who bring salvation to the poor woman, sometimes the good sex... but when things get serious... they prefer to be back to their nature ... a so called man ... the child, the insecure, the always runner from confrontation

if he is a man as the description they like to call themselves, he will never pull away... a man .. a true man .. will never pull away, once get involved into soemthing .. he continues till the end ... without creating endless excuses

wala ra2yek eh ??!!

Anonymous said...

A man might pull away because he's stupid, married or gay. Another reading would be that a man is pulling away because whatever he is pulling away from is stupid, gay or married!

Mo'men said...

Being a man myself, I can arguably declare that most of us are selfish and that might explain a lot of our behavior.

P.S: from what I understand from foreign cultures, Gays are the one who would probably stick around when the shit hits the fan :)

Shimaa Gamal said...

Bonjour my dear friend Egyptiana

Seems that we, women, know men best. I believe that the books teaching men how to understand women are more than the books teaching women how to understand their men for a reason. We, women, happen to just know. Even we sometimes fail to know the reason but probably we can just spot a pattern. Playing Mr. Bad is one. As a man will always play Mr. Right till the point he believes that things will never work. So he starts being himself, i.e. Mr. Bad.
Why men pull away, maybe because they were never serious, and sometimes because they just need to breathe (you have to give them the merit of goodwill sometimes) and most of the time the pull away because they can’t afford another relation. In 99% of the cases when a man pulls away he is probably doing so because he is attracted to another object (a relation or a woman).
A real man will never pull away, because a real man will never make a promise that he can’t keep. But that will bring up the fact that men don’t consider feelings a promise. And in most pull away cases a man will deny that he has shown any feelings at any point of time, leaving the woman puzzled and consequently falling into the distrust hole.
I have a friend (male, and a playboy too) who once told me that men should always know that women take a whisper as a promise, as kiss as a vow and the “I love you” as a commitment. Another friend (male too, but not a much of a playboy) said that a man always know when a girl is interested, and a man always know how to make use of it. Only a real man won’t say things that will make that interested girl believe that this interest is mutual. He said that the real man is the man who can say “pass”. Not the man who take advantage knowing that he is taking a step that he has to take back.
So, what do you think :)?

Shimaa Gamal said...

Hello Mo’men
A couple of days ago I was having a discussion with a friend that led me to conclude that most men are selfish, he opposed that though he used to admit that they are. He then said that even if he used to agree with me he has changed his mind because he has seen the full part of the cup.
You can’t imagine how happy I am to hear that selfishness is the answer for many of the men’s behavior. I am happy that this confession is coming from a man.
Thank you for proving me right and making my day
Does that mean I should hang more around gays :) :) :)
Thanks dear for passing by

Shimaa Gamal said...

Hello Brad
My dear the answer was arranged from the most likely to happen to the least likely to happen. He is either married (or committed in a way), unfortunately gay, or finally stupid (how rare could that be!).
I think that in all cases he is stupid. Even with your reading, that he is pulling away from a stupid, gay or married someone proves the stupidity clause. As if he was smart enough he wasn’t going to approach any of the above mention traps. But yet again, I would like to assure you that a man will never pull away from a married, gay or stupid person. Such things are sometimes considered turn-ons. Especially stupidity, I have never met a man who would happily hang around someone who is smarter than him, it sure happens only when he is dump enough to believe that he smarter than her.
Have a great day my dear, and thanks for passing by.

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

thanks mo'men for this brave declaration.. and yes it has explained a lot

shimaa ... i think the main problem of men is that they dont consider us humans ... as u said objects to collect!! territories to conquer!!

yes we are very emotional and they know it, and they use it ... and that is bad :)

but i think we share a part of the responsibility, cause we trust, and we think that there is still one last good man, while he is absolutely no different than any other.. a hunter

god!! they have an amazing ability to interpret things as they wish

mm i dont wanna seem biased, but truly, i never knew till now a man whom i can consider a good, honest, and have ethics...