August 06, 2008

More Butterflies

As I promised my good friends Miss Egyptiana & Insomniac here are more butterflies pics.
Pictures were taken by my cousin @ the Butterfly conservatory, Ontario, Canada.
I will be enjoying a couple of sunny days with cousins so when I am back ISA maybe we will discuss the relation between ugliness and insects :)


Sherif said...

These are super beautiful ..

Why do you say you're sexy, horny and everything the other girl is not?

Does that show more brave or bold ?

Or because probably this is the hottest subject everyone wants to talk about ?

Just a very innocent question.

Shimaa Gamal said...

Hello Sherif
These were the words on a t-shirt that wanted to buy last summer. It was read and it read I am sexy, I am hot, I am everything you are not, the kind of words that an arrogant girl will use to tease her friends or probably enemies.
Anyway, I didn’t buy the t-shirt. I lost the mood that brought the urge of buying it. But I kept the memory of the feeling that brought that urge. So, I will always like to remind myself that I am sexy and I am sure hot and I have many things that make me everything “any she” is not.
As for the sexy/ horny subject and that they are the hottest on discussions, I agree. Sex sells :) and so does religion that’s why they are both the most flourishing businesses all over the world.
As for being bold/ brave … hmmm you tell me, do you think I am bold? Do you believe that this boldness is bravery? Do you think that being bold is the right thing to do?

Sherif said...

Of course it is good to be clear and frank .. and you are among the most eminent girls who talk what they think.

This may look stunning to others that fuse shyness with femininity which is obviously irrelevant.

I like you the way you are .. your feelings are so sincere .. your thoughts are never thoughtless ..

So kameela be as cute as always ..

Cesario said...

Really nice pics, your cousin is really talented.

Shimaa Gamal said...

Yes, she obessed with pictures, it kinda run in the family ;)

insomniac said...

ur tagged :D