August 18, 2008

The Blah Post

It has been a while; I don’t know what’s wrong. I just can’t finish a post. This morning I thought that I finally grabbed the words. I neatly arranged everything in mind yet I couldn’t type them the same way. I tried every trick I used to do and I ended up with the same result too many thoughts lining up in my mind causing a severe headache and no writings at all.
I want to write about how the human is always the result of any equation in this life. Actually the human is only the factor that matters, humans are the equation not only the result.
I want to write about emotional stability, about how women go through everyday cycle of hope and relapse. I want to write about one of the dark faces of me.
I want to write about the question and the answer I discovered.
I want to finish the list of pending posts.

I want to write. I can't even write emails :(

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