July 02, 2008

Random Scenes

Scene 1

(One of the endless txt talks between Sameh and me)

Me: (Sleepy) Do you know what will make my life great, if I stopped having these little urges. BTW I deeply hate men, not only the ex’s but all men, my dad, my uncles, men in the streets. I hate them all. A happy world will be a men free world, with no control issues and sexual obsessions. But I don’t hate you. You are not as obsessed as they are, are you? Maybe you are the proof of a different man. I am bored. Do you think I have enough experience with men and life?

Sameh: LOL, you can be the female version of Shahryar. Marry a man every night then kill him in the morning. Seriously, you still have a lot to learn about life & men.
Me: What else do you think I should learn about men? Life, I agree. But men?!What else other than being sexually obsessed creatures?

Sameh: They don’t talk a lot, can help around the house, slightly taller and lift heavy things.

Me: Yeah they don’t talk a lot unless it is about bragging how stud they are. If you consider making a mess for me to clean help, so they help. They are not always taller but they could lift heavy things. Hmmm, so I know enough why did you say there is more for me to learn?!

*Sigh … Those midnight thoughts could have killed me if Sameh never found the funny side of the dark joke*


Scene 2

E: So, why do you keep such a relation?

Me: Why not?

E: I guess I should kick you for that *A Big Smile*

Later after few sibs of a cocktail that really tastes like summer

Me: Why should I cut him off?

E: Why not?

Me: Because … Because … Because he will … *Sad look*

E: Because he won’t question your decision?

Me: Yeah … *A big Frown*

Later after a nice walk and a delicious lunch

Me: I would have told you, but I don’t think you would want to know

E: I would have asked if I didn’t know them *giggles both sides*

Later after another walk and over a cup of tea

Me: I just want to meet one of those pro-polygamy guys; I guess I will have a point to make.

E: After many guesses, and what will it be?

Me: “kam wa7ed?” *Laughs* – meaning how many times could that man have sex per day (the joke is related to another x-rated discussion)

*A grateful smile that speak of full satisfaction after spending the day with an amazing friend *


Scene 3

Me holding the pillow I call Brad

Me: God, I miss you so much

Me (imitating Brad): I miss you too Hon

Me: (Holding the pillow tight)Why do I feel that you had a long tensed day

Me(playing Brad again): I have been working too much these days.

Me: (Silently holding the pillow as I try to send some relaxing thoughts to the tensing body in the middle of Africa)

Me: Do you know what I really hate about this trip? I will really miss you.

Me (as Brad): It is the 21st century honey; you can always find a way to contact me.

Me: But what if you came back while I was away, I won’t be the 1st one you call. And probably by the next time you travel you will be married and I won’t be the last one you call before leaving.

Me: (thinking of many things that led to setting the pillow aside turning my back to it) Just sleep, I still can’t believe you are doing it.

Later after one hour of sleep that was interrupted by a surprise phone call from HH

Me (to the Pillow named Brad): You know I settle for nothing, if nothing is the only thing that binds me to you.

Me (holding the pillow tight making a statement that this nothing included many things): Do you know why I have always chosen the friend?

Me (As impatient Brad): Why?

Me: Because he is the one who loved what was unlovable.

*A deep night Sleep*


Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

you like to torture yourself ... you like to push yourself into a messy circle... and you like to attach yourself to illusions ... you wanna commit... but you fear the responsibility

my advice : grow up

i hope after you omra trip, things would go in a different way :(

Shimaa Gamal said...

I really hope things will go in a different way.
It is not that I fear responsibility, the other day as I was pouring my heart out to one of my friends. I told him that the fact that I am saying that I am not expecting something never meant that I don't really expect it. It just means that I am saving face. I can't afford hurt. Admitting that I wanna commit won't make things better, it will simply make thigs worse.
Imagine me, a year ago sitting to a breakfast table admitting that I wanted to commit and I feared nothing. Do you think I would have any face left? Do you think I would have any faith left?
I don't fear responsibility. I just fear hurt and humilation :(