July 11, 2007


Saturday was a strange day, and yes I know that most of my days are strange, I was with my friends in our way to a friend’s wedding and there was an accident on “kobry October”.
We asked what happened they told us a car jumped off the bridge. So, I kept looking for news about this accident and I couldn’t find a thing. Today I found out that someone from work have seen the whole thing. The car jumped of the bridge and landed on a poor woman, who instantly died and sure the car passengers and the car driver survived the accident. The real misery was, the woman’s bag disappeared minutes after the accident, and people started searching for the bag and begging the one who took it to bring her ID in order to identify who she is. I just can’t understand how can a human steal a dead woman’s bag?! How can a human be any careless about the destiny of a dead body?! I just want to know, where are the Egyptians that we see in our old movies? Where are the Egyptians that out grandparents tell us about? Why the Egyptians are moving from worse to worst?


It might sound irrelevant to my mood, but I can’t stop singing a really old song; "lw mesh hat7lam ma3aya modtar a7lam benafsy, lakeny fi el 7elm 7ata 3omry ma ha7lam le nafsy, ya sa7by ya sade2y yally tare2ak tare2y ana yoom ma3eesh le nafsy dah yoom mooty el 7a2e2y …"


Anonymous said...

Really I don't know what to say, it's hard to imagine that we reached this point but what i liked the most is the song wish is an irony of the situation.

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

that is what i keep saying .. this country is following its doom....

i love the old song ... and its meaning ... we are turning into self centered animals ... God save our soul .. and bless hers amen!