July 19, 2007

The 10 reasons men fear the "M" word

I was browsing and I came across this article about commitmentphobic men, though I was intending to find something about commitmentphobic women :)

It is an extract of a book by James D. Barron, called She Wants a Ring--and I Don't Wanna Change a Thing: How a Man Can Overcome His Fears of Commitment and Marriage.

The author, summed the reason behind why men fear the "M" word in one sentence.

He said "For a guy, the decision to get married is a series of educated guesses For some women -- not all -- it's intuition" and that causes men to feel clueless when it comes to the marriage decision while women seem to know their way.

According to him, these are the 1o reasons men avoid marriage.

1. The life sentence: "For better or worse." (Clank! Cell door shut!)

2. Giving up that dream of tasting the fruits of all nations (flitting from woman to woman in a glorious bath of love and lust).

3. The "What If?" complex (as in, What if I fall even more in love with another woman?).

4. Divorce (as in betting on a loser).

5. Replicating his parents' failed marriage. (Or replicating his parents' happy marriage -- and one day calling his wife "Angel," "Sugarplum" or "Darl.")

6. Surrendering his post as president and CEO of the firm Fun. Then having to answer to a board of directors in a firm called Compromise, fully knowing every decision can come under killjoy scrutiny.

7. Becoming an active member in the Tamed Husband fraternity.

8. The Blah Life (boredom, overfamiliarity, and routine).

9. Surrendering quiet, control, space, privacy, watching ESPN all night, poker and suds with the guys, cigar breath, stinky sneakers ...

10. Giving up Erotic Break-the-Guest-Room-Fold-out-Couch Sex for Regulated You-Do-This, I-Do-That, Now-Let's-Sleep Sex.

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Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

for me i am committmentphobic!!!

1-it is the huge responsibility that awaits me, and the shift between MY decision into OUR decision!!! which will end up to HIS decision

2-the routine!!!
the routine!!!
and the routine!!!

wish i grow up :)