July 08, 2007

Surveillance; A Re-Take

So, I have been trying to re-phrase some of the old writings. I hoped to add more light, I am not sure if I have let more light in, but I am sure I have slightly changed the angle of view ...

If You Have Seen One, You Have Seen Them All!! – Anonymous

John Gray stated in his famous book, men are from Mars and women are from Venus, that it is only a problem of translation that’s keeping men and women apart. In his theory, both genders speak two different languages, and I agree with that theory. But the real problem that life doesn’t come with subtitles, we have to go through phases till we can get to understand what the other really means.
John Gray’s book was a try to introduce men and women to each other languages. But books rarely help in teaching languages. We all know that the best way to learn a language is to practice it. And as it is hard for a man to live as a woman, and for a woman to live as a man, they learn to communicate through trial and error. Imagine that you are in china and you know nothing about Chinese. You will try to get along by trying to express yourself in your language, or may be some other language that they can understand. Sure ideas might be lost in translation, but with a little practice and over a period of time, that will differ based on personal capabilities, you will learn some Chinese vocabulary that make you have more edge communicating with the Chinese. Same way goes with men and women. It takes time, a degree of openness to learn how the other express themselves and through learning each other languages, sometimes a new common language might emerge, something like Anglo-Chinese thing, that both parties understand without the need of consulting mother languages.
Citizens of the men’s empire share many characteristics, if I said that there is no such a thing that is called a different man. Someone out there, who will probably be a man, will come out screaming that it is not right to stereotype genders based on personal experience and though I wrote a long introduction explaining that everything I am writing here is based on my pure personal experience, but in case someone didn’t read the introduction, I will use the word most instead of all.
So, most men are alike, different experiences proved that the concept of a different man is a complete myth. Most men believe that they are the superior kind, though they will say the contrary, and will write books about how equal they think they are with women, but yet most men think of women as the weaker gender.
On the men’s dictionary, strong means superior and weak implies inferior. So, based on the interpretation of the two words, most men believe that they are quasi-Gods, and typically a quasi-God is never wrong, we never heard of a wrong God.
As a God, a man will try to control his woman’s destiny, he will manipulate the thoughts, set the rules, and in some cases force routes to ensure his woman’s loyalty.
And as a God, a man always sees his worshipers equally. Men often fall for the mistake of neglecting women’s personal difference. As women seem alike because most of them agree on worshiping the creature called man. Most of women, at least up to a certain level of experience, will always put a man as a center of her universe and consequently changing his status from being a human creature to be a quasi-God and her status from being a woman to be a worshiper and consequently a soldier in her God’s Holy war.
Both men and women are working for holy targets. Men as Gods work for finding more believers in their faith while women as worshipers work to find a trustful God to believe in.
Holy targets aren’t supposed to raise conflicts but as the holiness of men’s and women’s targets are doubtable lots of conflicts arise which leads to a daily engagements between the Gods and the worshipers to define territory and to set laws.


Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

i always beleive that the road to success in relationships , start with communication!!!

to set their own language, their own common interest, their own life

without communication , they will reach nothing

i agree with you that women consider men as gods... i used to do that with my ex!!! until i revealed the mask and i find him a perfectly normal creature with no complications at all ... just like many i met and i knew through the course of my life...

they are all the same, different faces, same mind, perfectly normal and nothing impressive at all if you look deep inside

lovely post as usual dear ... miss reading your words... and sorry for being away for such a long time

cheers :)

Shimaa Gamal said...

Dear Miss Egyptiana

I miss reading your comments too.

You are right, they are all the same. Sometimes I even wonder if men are a result of a major project to clone characters. The are all the same but the come in different packages :)