July 19, 2014

On availability

I studied economics for a good part of my life. And in every page I read there was a clear message "be scarce". Scarcity derives the supply and demand and sets the prices.
Scarcity is the core of the economic theory as much as it is the core of life.
Love is a market that's governed with scarcity too.
A person will walk the extra mile only if you are out of reach.
He will call to check if he can't find traces of you to tell him how you have been.
He will ask to meet if he can't find enough room to talk.
He will propose only if he fears to lose you to someone else.
In a world derived by scarcity I am too available.
I have blogs, twitter and a bi-weekly article for DotMsr (you can find an updated list of the published articles here)
He can always read me. He can never miss me. And he can always find reasons to stay away.
I am too available for him, any him, to love me!

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